• Flight Log

    Hello, I know that in the default configuration, flight log files are generated in the folder /var/lib/mavlink-router. I tried to analyse one of the .ulg files using the software pyFlightAnalysis. While I'm able to d...
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  • Bios factory reset

    Hi, When I installed ubuntu the keyboard and the mouse stopped working. Making changes in the BIOS to try to fix it I was wrong and I have disabled xhci. And now keyboard not work in bios setup.In the installation of ...
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  • IMU pose in x-axis and y-axis is always near zero?

    created by lixu
  • Configuring video streaming settings over LTE

    Hoping someone can help.   I am working on a project to implement a software defined networking (SDN) technology onto an Aero for testing purposes over an LTE network (VZW) to connect back to QGroundControl runn...
    created by ChipT
  • Access to 8MP camera from Ubuntu

    Hello   I have tried the application that is mentioned in https://communities.intel.com/thread/129078 and indeed it is too dark. Is there a repository where we can find the source of the Ubuntu driver so that wh...
    created by CSEM_LvA
  • 8MP front facing camera usage

    Hi,   How can I access the 8MP front facing CSI camera to stream using gstreamer?   I've read this page but there isn't really a mention of it: 06 Cameras and Video · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki...
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  • USB failure after installing Ubuntu 16.04.3

    In a similar situation as this thread: running ubuntu 16.04.04, usb keyboard no longer works even on boot , I couldn't use the USB mouse or keyboard at all (even on boot) after Ubuntu installation. The Ubuntu installa...
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  • Preflight fail: No valid data from baro0

    Hello,   I am attempting to use optical flow position control using lidarlite v3hp rangefinder, with offboard control as the ultimate goal.   The rangefinder is setup over the telemetry port:   S...
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  • error message with Dronekit  ERROR: wp index out of bounds

    Good evening, I am  using intel-aero drone and I am using dronekit to program it. Unfortunately dronekit is not 100% fully compatible with px4 and sometimes it generates some problem.Now I am stuck in a situati...
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  • how to read internal sensors' values?

    Good evening, I am quite new with intel-aero and I am trying to read the values generated by onboard sensors. Is there any cheatsheet,guide or tutorial to develop some code in python to read those sensors' values? ...
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  • How can I open a mavlink port

    Hi there, I wonder how can I open another port for mavlink connection... I know that by default the connection is on port 5760, but I want to have another like 5762 port. The purpose is that I have a script running ...
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  • The last intel-aero-image-1.6.2.iso contains only Lubuntu version, where I can find the ISO with Yocto image?

    Hello, following the Intel Aero Initial Setup instruction seems that the intel-aero-image-1.6.2.iso contains also the possibility to refresh Yocto. Insted, I found only the following options, image below: -Install ...
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  • Can't login to root

    Hello,   I recently started building ardupilot from source and I am having trouble at the last step. At the end of it I am supposed to login to root@intel-aero.local. I have tried using the default password whi...
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  • How to connect D435 realsense to  intel aero rtf existing RealSense R200 pin

    Hi all,   We need to switch from using R200 cam delivered by default with Intel Aero Board. We need to use micro usb 3.0 port for other device. How we could connect D435 RealSense to existing port on Intel Aero ...
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  • LTE modem not detecting SIM card

    Hi, I am trying to set up the LTE modem as per the instructions on the wiki. Everything seems to be work (modem detected, SIM card detected) but when I use the modemmanager and print out the details it says the SIM i...
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  • Which version of Ubuntu should be installed?

    Hello, I was just wondering what version of Ubuntu is recommended to be installed on the Aero. I see on the wiki that Ubuntu 16.04.3 Desktop is recommended for the Aero but can I install any other one. Would there be ...
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  • Unable to flash Aero FC

    Hello,   We received the drone today and on Yocto successfully updated the BIOS, FPGA, and AeroFC. Following this guide, we were able to install Ubuntu, along with all repositories. We tried updating the Flight ...
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  • Airmap Version Unknown

    Hello Everyone,   I just flashed Ubuntu on my intel aero RTF following the steps on github, When i run the get version command i have Airmap Version- Unknown and also i am not able to ssh my dron ip address whe...
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    Hello, I've connected both the LeddarOne and PX4flow on the telemetry port of Intel Aero drone.   I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on the compute board. I flashed the fpga with the version provided in Intel Aero Dron...
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  • Software Access to FPGA GPIO pins

    Hello, I was wondering how exactly do you access the GPIO pins on the 80 pin I/O Expansion through software. I understand that you can access the expansion port via SPI 1 but I was wondering how do I access a specific...
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