• how to read internal sensors' values?

    Good evening, I am quite new with intel-aero and I am trying to read the values generated by onboard sensors. Is there any cheatsheet,guide or tutorial to develop some code in python to read those sensors' values? ...
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  • The last intel-aero-image-1.6.2.iso contains only Lubuntu version, where I can find the ISO with Yocto image?

    Hello, following the Intel Aero Initial Setup instruction seems that the intel-aero-image-1.6.2.iso contains also the possibility to refresh Yocto. Insted, I found only the following options, image below: -Install ...
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  • Disk fills up, large ULG files in /var/lib/mavlink-router

    Is there a way to limit the size of the *.ulg files generated in /var/lib/mavlink-router?   The drone is just sitting on a desk, not even flying, and it runs out of disk space every few days due to 20+ GB worth ...
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  • Where will I get drivers for Yuneec Intelreal sense to be able to use with realsense viewer on windows?

    How to use Yuneec intelrealsense module with realsense viewer? it has an usb port
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  • Wi-Fi antenna pattern with full frame

    Hi all, does someone measured the antenna radiation pattern of the wi-fi transceiver of the Intel Aero (comprehensive of the full frame)?   Thank you Best   Angelo Trotta
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  • FPGA on Aero

    Hi. I am an amateur drone enthusiast and working on a research project using the Aero Intel drone. I recently found out that the drone has an FPGA processor on it. Few specific questions regarding the processor struct...
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  • Not receiving HIGHRES_IMU message

    Hi All,   I have been tinkering with the optical flow example provided for intel aero drone. After some debugging I found that I am not receiving the MAVLINK_MSG_ID_HIGHRES_IMU message which is essential to the ...
    Ussama Naal
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  • Ros with RTF drone

    Hi there,   Does anyone tried to model and run scripts of ROS in the Intel RTF?? how can I do that??
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  • Cable for Power Supply Adapter (Aero Compute Board)

    Hello,   I purchased the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone, and I am having a difficult time finding the cable for the Power Supply Adapter. I found the Power Supply Adapter @ https://www.digikey.com/product-detail...
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  • Ready to fly wiring diagram

    Is there a wiring diagram available for the Intel Aero Ready to Fly? The reason behind my question is to get an idea on how one could develop a similar setup with just the compute board.
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  • neither a launch file in package nor a launch file name

    im working on the intel aero ready to fly drone, im trying to test the fly mission codes and been following the steps here sample-apps/ros at master · intel-aero/sample-apps · GitHub  however I get the ...
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  • Gimbal Control through GPIO

    Hello, I have a universal 3 axis gimbal (FPV 3 Axis CNC Metal Brushless Gimbal With Controller For DJI Phantom GoPro 3 4 180g for RC Drone FPV Racing Sale - Bang… ) that takes roll pitch yaw inputs (1 pin each...
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  • Could I build up Ad-Hoc network using RTF? And could I choose routing algorithm on it?

    I have plan to buy 5 drones of RTF.   And my plan is organizing ad-hoc network using Intel Wifi module(Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260) that is built in RTF.   And I will use Ubuntu Linux as OS of Intel A...
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  • Compass failed. MAG 0 not found

    Trying to calibrate the drone. With PX4 and with Ardupilot. Couldn't figure out the right way to calibrate. Can someone please help how to solve the issue when it is not able to read the compass.     Than...
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  • Como obtener la información de sensores

    Buen día,   Se quiere desarrollar un aplicativo web el cual visualice los datos obtenidos por los diferentes sensores (por defecto GPS y otros externos como un sensor óptico) mientras el drone esta e...
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  • Dronekit wait_ready() always timeouts on Aero RTF

    Dear Intel Aero support,   I'm coding the Aero using dronekit and even the most basic programs fail to run with setting the wait_ready=True.   Even the code for Drone Kit you provide at 04 Autonomous drone...
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  • BIOS reset

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04. USB 3 camera was being detected as USB2, so I was trying BIOS settings to solve it. I have disabled xHCI mode, it disabled only USB connection available. It is not detecting keyboard so I can...
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  • Is this suitable Flight controller for my plan?

    Hello, I am planning to build a custom drone (coaxial 4wings - 4*2), and I am trying to lift 10kg with the new drone.  So far, I have used Mikro Kopter for flight controller.  By a limitation of amp, I canno...
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  • Connecting range finders and Pixhawk to the Aero

    Hello Alexandra   I was looking for a way to connect range finders to the Aero, when I came across this threadAttaching sensors using i2c to the RTF drone. I'm surprised to find out that Intel sets up the Aero bo...
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  • Setup problem: Aero Compute Board with older firmware

    Hello Aero Team   I'm experiencing the some problems updating the firmware on my aero board. We just got these new boards through Mouser, but compared to ones that we purchased as part of RTF drones, these board...
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