• Is this suitable Flight controller for my plan?

    Hello, I am planning to build a custom drone (coaxial 4wings - 4*2), and I am trying to lift 10kg with the new drone.  So far, I have used Mikro Kopter for flight controller.  By a limitation of amp, I canno...
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  • Connecting range finders and Pixhawk to the Aero

    Hello Alexandra   I was looking for a way to connect range finders to the Aero, when I came across this threadAttaching sensors using i2c to the RTF drone. I'm surprised to find out that Intel sets up the Aero bo...
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  • Setup problem: Aero Compute Board with older firmware

    Hello Aero Team   I'm experiencing the some problems updating the firmware on my aero board. We just got these new boards through Mouser, but compared to ones that we purchased as part of RTF drones, these board...
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  • Intel Aero Compute Board without external FC

    Hi Everyone,   Happy New Year!   I recently purchased an Intel Aero Compute Board for my custom Hexacopter project. From what I read so far, It seems that I cannot use the board alone without a flight contro...
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  • Connecting Ultra Wide Band Module - best practice ?

    Dear all,   We need to enable drone to fly indoors without GPS. We would like to use Ultra Wide Band technology.Following module from Marvelmind link below is sending NMEA 0183 format GPS like format of DATA. Doe...
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  • Error returning from ubuntu to yocto

    I have a problem when I want to install Intel aero yocto,I have ubuntu installed and I want to return to Yocto, but I get an error.       I thank you for the help you can give me...
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  • How to connect intel aero fc with another telem

    Currently I need to connect aero fc with another telem port, because it was using another protocol not mavlink. I check the docs that telem port is connect to fc's uart5 i set this port protocol to Mavlink by Qgr...
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  • Interfacing with Intel Falcon 8+

    Hello,   I'm looking to implement some image processing algorithms on the Intel Falcon 8+. I was wondering if this drone has any APIs that could help me achieve this goal or other alternatives like programming ...
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  • Check at run-time if the UAV is Intel Aero

    Hello, I am writing an C++ program that should work on Intel RTF and other Linux-based drones as well. What is the most safe way to check that the program is running on Intel RTF at run-time ? Thanks!
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  • BIOS reset

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04. USB 3 camera was being detected as USB2, so I was trying BIOS settings to solve it. I have disabled xHCI mode, it disabled only USB connection available. It is not detecting keyboard so I can...
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  • Issues in the Instructable Extending Wifi Range

    Hi, I found a couple of issues in the Instructable Extending Wifi Range (link: Intel Aero Drone - Extending Wifi Range: 9 Steps ) 1) The pigtail specified is WRONG. The instructable points to an IPEX MHF1 to SMA pi...
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  • How to replace a cable for aero RTF

    Hi, My Aero RTF Drone crashed and stopped working I checked what went wrong and found that the cable connected to the  Aero board is torn. I attach a picture of the broken cable. How can I fix/replace it?
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  • How to change wifi frequency?

    My drone (Intel Aero RTF) connects with my access point at 5.18GHz. Is there any way to switch the rate to 5.7GHz (the maximum rate supported by the drone)?
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  • Install a FrSky Rx and using a Taranis for radio controller

    Looking at purchasing the Aero Drone for development of a surveying system using the Emlid Reach . My question is can you use a different rx and transmitter such as the Taranis and an XM+? I believe this would increas...
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  • How to enable offboard mode?

    Hi,   We want to enable "OFFBOARD" mode and write an application on the Aero Computation to autonomously fly the drone. We have tried to follow the instruction shown at https://dev.px4.io/en/ros/offboard_contro...
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  • New to Yocto? Learn how to transfer Ubuntu code

    Learn how to transfer your Ubuntu code via Wi-Fi and porting simulation to the Intel Aero Compute Board by clicking here.
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  • Aero Drone and UAV Swarm Capabilities

    I am looking to develop some UAV swarm algorithms and protocols for academic research topics. I am wondering if there has been any swarm capabilities demonstrated with the aero drone or if someone like me could develo...
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  • Some success on running mavros on serial port

    Hi all,   I noticed that some people are trying to run mavros on the drone and are having problem with it, I myself included. I wanted to share some successes I had.   What I've noticed is that even after ...
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  • Are there some swarm examples with Intel Aero Platform?

    I am a TA for a drone course. Currently, I am trying to find if the Intel Aero Platform can do some demos for drone swarm technology.   I searched for some kind of swarm technologies before I found this one abou...
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  • Swarm capability

    I know Intel has shown some wicked cool deployments and demos of swarms.   I there someone we can get in touch with regarding this code?   We have an immediate need for a customer, and have several project...
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