• Linux IIO drivers for Aero Compute board

    Hello,   As of Linux kernel version 4.8 there are Industrial I/O (IIO) drivers available for the sensors on the Aero Compute board (BMI160, BMM150 and MS5611). Are there any plans to include those drivers or to...
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  • does intel aero go into RTL or land mode if it loses wifi connection?

    Hi   Does the intel aero go into RTL or land mode if it loses wifi connection mid-flight while navigating to waypoints?   Where can I find this information and how to change it?   Thanks!
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  • Where will I get drivers for Yuneec Intelreal sense to be able to use with realsense viewer on windows?

    How to use Yuneec intelrealsense module with realsense viewer? it has an usb port
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  • FPGA on Aero

    Hi. I am an amateur drone enthusiast and working on a research project using the Aero Intel drone. I recently found out that the drone has an FPGA processor on it. Few specific questions regarding the processor struct...
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  • Announcement: Aero Software Release v1.6.2

    Aero software v1.6.2 is now available for download from the following link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27833/Intel-Aero-Platform-for-UAVs-Installation-Files?v=t   Release Notes can be found on ...
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  • AC Power Adapter for intel aero drone

    Can you share AC power adapter for intel aero drone and link from where I can purchage. I am searching but didn't found which meet with aero drone requirement.
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  • Do anyone use the drone for visual-inertial odometey/slam research?

    I‘m wondering how can I get the GPS data and IMU date from the drone. I want use the drone to do some development and research in visual inertial odometry/slam. These data is very important and it better to ge...
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  • Inter Aero power on using wall adapter

    There are lots of confusion among communities regarding which wall adapter we should refer for intel aero ready to fly drone. I have made video to help guys. It is totaly based on my experience. Please read all securi...
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  • Cable for Power Supply Adapter (Aero Compute Board)

    Hello,   I purchased the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone, and I am having a difficult time finding the cable for the Power Supply Adapter. I found the Power Supply Adapter @ https://www.digikey.com/product-detail...
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  • Intel aero drone Unboxing

    Learning with Fun.. Future is coming.. this time a bit earlier - YouTube   GitHub - BhaskarTrivedi/Intel-Aero-Drone: This repository is created to help bengineer with development and uses of Inte…
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  • Pin out for connectors marked as reserved for future use

    Is it possible for Intel to release the pin-out (i.e. connector pin information) for all the connectors that are currently marked as "Reserved for future use"? The reason for asking is that I was hoping there is an ex...
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  • Ready to fly wiring diagram

    Is there a wiring diagram available for the Intel Aero Ready to Fly? The reason behind my question is to get an idea on how one could develop a similar setup with just the compute board.
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    how can i see from a usb camera with opencv? My usb camera is /dev/video14 and I would like to see from the usb camera with the following code:   import numpy as np import cv2   cap = cv2.VideoCaptur...
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  • neither a launch file in package nor a launch file name

    im working on the intel aero ready to fly drone, im trying to test the fly mission codes and been following the steps here sample-apps/ros at master · intel-aero/sample-apps · GitHub  however I get the ...
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  • Could I build up Ad-Hoc network using RTF? And could I choose routing algorithm on it?

    I have plan to buy 5 drones of RTF.   And my plan is organizing ad-hoc network using Intel Wifi module(Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260) that is built in RTF.   And I will use Ubuntu Linux as OS of Intel A...
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  • Tcpdump output shows Aero always broadcasting UDP packets

    Hello everyone,   for curiosity I ran the command:   sudo tcpdump -i wlp1s0   on my Aero with Ubuntu 16.04  (BIOS, Pixhawk and FPGA up-to-date) and the output is:   15:00:07.700555 IP 192....
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  • Intel Aero Ready to Fly drone

    Hi, I'm new using th Intel RTF drone and I have lots of doubts, but let's start for the first one. As we know RTF drone have already a OS (Yocto) preinstalled, but if I decide to install Ubuntu on it, Will it still fl...
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  • Which Programming Lib is be fully supported to remote control the RTF

    I used the dronekit. But you told me that if you have issues you should ask to 3Dpolo. Also, I saw your youtube example showing 'unknown guided mode'. Why you upload this example with error msg?
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  • USB LTE dongle for Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone

    Hi,   I am having a difficult time finding resources that says whether or not the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone (Aero) supports USB LTE dongles. I understand that the Aero supports an LTE modem via M.2 interface...
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  • How to install librealsense on yocto (intel aero 1.5.1)

    Hello, good after, I have a question, how to install librealsense on yocto aero board 1.5.1?   I recently installed CMake and opencv source code with Cmake (I Install Opencv With CMake) and I tried to install ...
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