• Intero Aero UAV RTF flight issue

    Hi   I had the following issue in the first two flights out of the box -   1) In manual flight mode the drone, without any input from my end, flies off in different directions on its own. I have not update...
    created by Ambika_Verma
  • Get image from MIPI camera OV7251 nad OV8858 local not stream

    Dear All,   we are looking to get the image (stream ) from two MIPI cameras OV7251 (global shutter VGA) OV8858 (rolling shutter HD ) on Intel Aero board on local monitor that is connected with HDMI cable to the ...
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  • poor wifi connectivity

    When trying to connect to the drone's access point wifi from my personal computer, I frequently lose connection to the network.   I configured the wifi network as described in the tutorial: "nmcli c up hotspot" ...
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  • Optical Flow not working

    Hi,   I connected the LIDAR Lite 3 to the AERO. I then ran the following commands from the Yocto terminal:   systemctl enable aero-optical-flow.service systemctl status aero-optical-flow   and receive...
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  • Bios and FPGA unknown

    I installed ubuntu on intel aero RTF. I updated the BIOS and FPGA but when I run command to update px4 firmware. I followed the instruction here. I am getting following messages:-     /sys/firmware/dmi/table...
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  • Ros installation problem

    Hi,   While installing ROS according to https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/05-Autonomous-drone-programming-with-ROS, we receive the error in the pic attached.   What should we do?   T...
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  • How to start with Indoor autonomous navigation

    Hello,   We bought the Aero RTF kit, to start developing indoors applications, but we're finding hard to start even the simplest tests as positioning from the ground (or ceiling doesn't seem to be available), ca...
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  • wifi stopped working

    Hi,   I updated the Aero linux distro to 1.6.1 and reinstalled Ububntu, according to: 90 (References) OS user Installation · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub Please also see pic attached. A...
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  • Loading a new PX4 version

    Hi,   Do you know which version of the PX4 firmware is given by Intel in the following link? https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/02-Initial-Setup#flashing-the-flight-controller-rtf-only Has Intel...
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  • Connecting to QGC with ubuntu

    I'm following the instructions here: 90 (References) OS user Installation · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub to attempt to connect by drone (running ubuntu) to QGC on my laptop:   Get your lapt...
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  • Using third party GPS antennas

    Does the Aero RTF support 3rd party GPS antennas?
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  • Problems of installing ubuntu on Aero

         Hi all,  when I followed the wiki (90 (References) OS user Installation · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub ) to install ubuntu on Aero, I had several problems:  ...
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  • Flashing Flight Controller on the Aero

    Hi all,   I've flashed the Yocto, the BIOS and the FPGA onto the Aero using a bootable USB thumb drive first, and then following the steps laid out in https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/02-Init...
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  • Increasing frame rate of downwards facing camera

    I've connected a rangefinder and now I'm attempting to run the pre-installed optical flow binary on the drone. When I type "systemctl status aero-optical-flow", I get a series of error messages that "FPS below minimum...
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  • Optical flow thermal issue

    Hello,   I am observing distortion in the optical flow camera when running the Poky Aero 1.6.1 O/S (BIOS 01.00.13). I had shown pictures of the distortion in a previous post.Optical flow camera distortion. At th...
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  • CAN bus interface

    I find absolutely no documentation on how to use the CAN interface on the intel Aero, please help and provide us with at least a small getting started doc. This is not acceptable for a board at that price to have a C...
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  • Reading video/images from the down facing camera in the Aero in Ubuntu

    Hi,   I would like to read video/images from the down facing camera in the Aero, while using Ubuntu. Can this be done with Opencv or Mavros? If not,what are the alternatives?   Thanks,  Yoni.
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  • Connecting range finders and Pixhawk to the Aero

    Hello Alexandra   I was looking for a way to connect range finders to the Aero, when I came across this threadAttaching sensors using i2c to the RTF drone. I'm surprised to find out that Intel sets up the Aero bo...
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  • Compiling C Files in Yocto

    I'm trying to modify the "spi_xfer" executable. I assume it is compiled from this C program: sample-apps/spi_xfer.c at master · intel-aero/sample-apps · GitHub. What is the path to these files on the compute...
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  • VBAT too low on 80 pin accessories connector

    According to this guide (https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/boardsandkits/aero/intel-aero-compute-board-guide.pdf), on accessories connector, the voltage between pins 1 & 6 on J3 (GPS) and p...
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