• Appropriate Autopilot firmware version

    Hello,   I've been looking through the forums and have come across instructions to use both versions 1.6.5 and 1.8 of the PX4 firmware (Intel Aero RTF - CRITICAL NAVIGATION FAILURE  suggests 1.6.5 while Int...
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  • running ubuntu 16.04.04, usb keyboard no longer works even on boot

    I upgraded the aero board to ubuntu 16.04.04 using usb install. Ubuntu desktop comes up on HDMI, but keyboard and other USB devices no longer accessible over OTG USB.   - connect USB hub to OTG USB port, light ...
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  • Intel Aero FPGA_VERSION = unknown and unable to read bootloader pin value on 01.00.16 and 1.6.2

    Hey everyone,   I am trying to get the Initial Setup of my Intel Aero drone done.  I am currently trying to flash the FPGA using the following guides: https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/02...
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  • Cannot build v1.6.2 with yocto

    I have tried to build both the v1.6.2 build and the latest development build of the Intel Aero Yocto image and in both cases I get the following warnings and error: For the v1.6.2 build I tried setting up the repo ...
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  • camera parameters of Intel-realsense-r200

    Hi, Recently, I try to use r200 to do ORB_SLAM. I need to know the camera parameters of intel-realsense-r200. How can I get these parameters:fx,fy,cx,cy,k1,k2,p1,p2,k3?
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  • 通电后没有显示,cpu也没有工作怎么办?

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    Hi!   I was testing Intel Aero RTF with PX4 in POSITION mode and for the most of the time there will be some aggressive behaviors. When I check the logs, the FCU will send back an error. The following is the out...
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  • PX4Flow botched Intel Aero IMU

    Following my previous post that has not really been responded to, I am now trying to integrate the PX4Flow optical flow sensor into the Intel Aero. As previously mentioned, the current setup is the Intel Aero running ...
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  • Can't get coav-control working

    Hello,   I am working on an Intel RTF Aero drone. I am testing the Realsense 200 with collision avoidance to determine if it would be a good fit for our products. I have run into a lot of trouble. I am running...
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  • Get images from the frontal 8MP camera

    Hi, I installed ubuntu 16.04 on Intel Aero. I'm able to acquire images from the Intel RealSense and the bottom VGA cameras and publish images on ros topics. However, I'm not able to get images from the frontal 8MP ca...
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  • Optical flow not working

    Hello !, I have been trying to enable the optical flow for indoors flights but I did not success. I attached images that can be used to help a little bit. Everything it is ok with the range sensor but with the optica...
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  • Aero RTF Struggling To Hover

    Hi, I am having this problem with aero rtf to getting it to hover inside vicon motion capture area in offboard mode. I am publishing vicon pose to /mavros/mocap/pose topic (Ive tried /mavros/fake_gps/mocap/tf as well...
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  • Debugging PX4 firmware on Intel Aero FCU

    Dear all, How can I debug the PX4 firmware on the Intel Aero's FCU? Which IDE ? Is there a link explaining this procedure? Thank you
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  • Intel RTF drone lost HDMI output after flashing and calibration

    Intel RTF lost HDMI after flashing the bios.  7/12/2018   From a clean factory Intel RTF drone, I installed all the updates exactly as shown in 02 Initial Setup · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · ...
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  • Lidar lite v3 data not being read at high speed

    Hi   I'm trying to connect lidar lite v3 to the COMPASS port - have tried coneecting through an i2c splitter as well as directly to the compass port with mag0 removed (doesn't seem to be a i2c splitter issue). &...
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  • Intel aero RTK integration - hardware related

    Regarding hardware used and connection I have following questions - 1. how can I check which magnetometer/compass is currently being used by the flight controller for heading purposes? is it from the gps unit or the o...
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  • No connection with FCU and no heartbeat

    ' We have 4 Intel Aero RTF, two that gets a heartbeat and two that doesn't.   When we listen to the rostopic diagnostic (rostopic echo diagnostic) on the drones that doesn't work we get this output:   -...
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  • No output from HDMI

    Hi, I purchased the Intel Aero RTF drone. At first, I tried to access the compute board using the supported configuration, from 02 Initial Setup · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub, in order to flash...
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  • wifi communication with Intel aero board

    Hi, I am encountering a weird problem with wifi connection in Aero board. I installed ubuntu 16.04 on the board but was not able to get the data from imu. In order to solve that I installed Intel Aero repository as p...
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  • Intel aero waypoint - QGC failing to send mission waypoints

    Hi   I have seen others also face this issue - When try to add waypoints for navigation the Qgroundcontrol is not able to send the waypoint to the intel aero and continuously fails due to Operation timeout erro...
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