• AeroFC logs in RTF Drone

    Hi all,   We're been trying to get the log messages printed on AeroFC, particularly for the distance sensor (LidarLite V3 -ll40ls), but we don't seem to locate them. We've looked into /var/lib/mavlink-router fol...
    created by VictorDrone
  • Get images from the OV7251 camera (bottom facing)

    Following the guide in 06 Cameras and Video · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub  to access the OV7251 camera (bottom facing), I get the attached yuv420 Image. However, the last command to conver...
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  • Do anyone use the drone for visual-inertial odometey/slam research?

    I‘m wondering how can I get the GPS data and IMU date from the drone. I want use the drone to do some development and research in visual inertial odometry/slam. These data is very important and it better to ge...
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  • EFI issues with the Aero Board

    After attempting an Ubuntu install to the eMMC, the nvram on the Aero Board appears to be completely corrupt. I have multiple issues:   1. When booting up, the default boot selection doesn't exist. I always have...
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  • Aero will not connect to QGroundControl by the usb 3.0 cable

    I connected a USB 3.0 cable from my laptop running win10 and QGroundControl tels me to connect my aero drone with the usb 3.0 cable that is already connected to it. The drone is active and running as it should, i thi...
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  • How to get the recorded video in QGC?

      I point the record stream button but I can't find the recorded video. BTW the link of the drone and the QGC is not stable when recording the video.it will lose link in the procedure. and sometimes I want to ...
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  • how to get the drone fly?

    I finished the initial setup and ubuntu system installation. and I matched the receiver and transmitter but the motors do not arm when I followed the procedure on the operation manual. could any body tell me why? ...
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  • Error /dev/sda while flashing Linux image

    Hi !   I'm trying to flash the intel aero image on the RTF drone following the instructions on the intel-aero github. When I boot from the bootable USB key, it starts installing then I get the following error : ...
    created by Iliili
  • updating image

    The Boot Manager on my Intel Aero Board can't see the USB so I can't opt for boot from USB key. When I open grub shell I can see new appearances when I attach USB but I can't open it.   The USB is vfat formated,...
    created by pvidic
  • Intel Aero Board Power Supply

    What are tolerances in 5V power supply for the Intel Aero Board?
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  • command the motors in the Aero with an Arduino

    Hi,   We would like to command the motors in the Aero with an Arduino. How can this be done with the currently installed ESCs (Yunic's) ? Do we have to change the ESCs, since uart is currently used for the com...
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  • Unable to disarm the motor immediately after landing

    Hello The problem I met is that after I land the RTF under position control using RC and pull the throttle all the way down, the motors doesn't slow down to a safe level so I can disarm (throttle down and yaw left) i...
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  • Distorted bottom facing camera

    Hello,   I am having a similar issue as Dan Madill 3 months ago Optical flow camera distortion The image I get from the bottom camera is having some issues: there is noise on the right and bottom, and the right ...
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  • Why is my question marked "assumed answered"?

    I have this open question that has somehow been marked as "assumed answered": Up/Down positions on left stick on DXe not working   I'm still not able to fly this drone and still need help with it. Can a moderat...
    created by JoshDavisNC
  • M.2 USB 3.0 Host Controller

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate a M.2 B+M key Renasas uPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controller into the M.2 SSD slot. The problem is the Intel Aero Compute will not detect this Renasas PCI Express device when I typed "l...
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    how can i see from a usb camera with opencv? My usb camera is /dev/video14 and I would like to see from the usb camera with the following code:   import numpy as np import cv2   cap = cv2.VideoCaptur...
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  • Up/Down positions on left stick on DXe not working

    I'm calibrating the radio through QGroundControl, but it gets stuck every time I get to a point in the program where it asks me to move the left stick all the way up. It doesn't seem to register. Left/right/up/down on...
    last modified by JoshDavisNC
  • neither a launch file in package nor a launch file name

    im working on the intel aero ready to fly drone, im trying to test the fly mission codes and been following the steps here sample-apps/ros at master · intel-aero/sample-apps · GitHub  however I get the ...
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  • optical-flow does not work due to image quality

    Hi all,   I am trying to set up optical flow to my Aero RTF Drone. I have set up my drone according to these information.   * aero-optical-flow/README.md at master · intel-aero/aero-optical-flow ...
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  • RTF Drone Wifi not showing on windows 10.

    I bought and received RTF. I tried to connect QGround Control using wifi access. I am not able to see wifi access point. Do I need to flash my drone or RTF should able to show wifi access point? Before flashing  ...
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