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The community is to discuss graphics and chipset graphics issues

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Re: Virtual memory is @ 100% if i run a game at a different resolution than the desktop resolution! 3 hours ago by Keleg Keleg
Re: Intel HD Graphics Driver Update Problem 5 hours ago by adn1998 adn1998
Re: Intel display driver stopped responding and has recovered. 5 hours ago by Ringo Ringo
Re: Intel(r) HD Graphics 4000 - Windows 7 is stuck at "Starting Windows" 7 hours ago by MrVixio MrVixio
Re: Win8 CP, GMA 3600 Drivers crashing under metro 7 hours ago by warped_foobie warped_foobie
Re: HD 4000 Setup 8 hours ago by teagueAMX teagueAMX
Re: Annoying bug of latest HD3000 VGA for windows 8.1 9 hours ago by Sir.Patriot Sir.Patriot
Re: Very problematic driver with HD 4000 9 hours ago by vin vin
Re: Latest driver supporting 3rd and 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD/Iris™ Graphics for Microsoft* Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 version  3496 10 hours ago by Robert_U Robert_U
Re: Collage Mode in Multi-Stream Transport Mode 10 hours ago by nic nic
Re: Intel(r) HD Graphics 2000 dvmt no funciona correctamente? 10 hours ago by Matias.n.k Matias.n.k
Haswell flying textures and driver crashes 14 hours ago by dmit.bit dmit.bit
Re: macbook iris5100 latest driver cant control brightness 18 hours ago by sept sept
Re: Quick Sync not available 1 day ago by lister.of.smeg lister.of.smeg
Re: Official Black-screen thread - We need your help! 1 day ago by nic nic
Re: HDMI output not being detected with Intel HD 4000 1 day ago by veiledaiel veiledaiel
Re: Lost Sound after turning of TV (HD4600 HDMI + LG TV) 1 day ago by AndreasGreiner AndreasGreiner
Re: Is there an Intel G41 Express Chipset driver update that supports OpenGL on Windows 8.1 x64? 1 day ago by renatronic renatronic
Re: GMA 3600 Windows 8.1 Some apps are working 1 day ago by KIMTAEYEON KIMTAEYEON
Re: Intel hd4600 - z87-ds3h - HDMI and Resolution issues. 1 day ago by Oh_dear Oh_dear

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Would you like to see the addition of a "Beta Graphics Driver" sub-community?

Hi everyone,   Would you be interested in seeing an Intel® Graphics Driver sub-community dedicated to beta (incomplete/untested) drivers?... Read more.

nicCreated by nic on Jan 29, 2014 in Graphics