• On chip FIFO Memory

    Hi,   We are using  aletera cyclon V Enclustra SOM with custom carrier board. We built application to read data from FIFO and read and write to CSR register. We refer link "Embedded Peripherals IP User Gu...
    created by shourie
  • Re link .sopcinfo file to the project after copying

    Hi,   I have copied the entire quartus project from one location to the other in the same pc. But in eclipse the bsp is linked with the previous location sopc file. How can i re link the .sopc to the same bsp w...
    created by nagapraneeth
  • Bluetooth and Wifi not working together

    I am using  Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230. in my Dell Inspiron 7520 with Windows 10. I noticed that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not working together. I installed ...
    created by DAYARANE
  • we required  Intel 82579LM LAN drivers for windows 10 Pro N 64 bit

    we required  Intel 82579LM LAN drivers for windows 10 Pro N 64 bit
    created by mudasserk
  • Intel Gigabit Lan l219-V disables SMB connection

    I'm using ASrock B360m PRO 4 mainboard and it has intel l219-V onboard lan. I have been suffered by SMB problem several month and none of google search results helps me. All the services that needed by SMB is activate...
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  • Intel SA 00075 Not being installed -  stuck in installing

    HI I am having a bit of a problem with my last domain with the deployment of the Intel SA 00075.   I am able to deploy the discovery tool to all of the workstations and it is reporting back with no issues, but w...
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  • Can CPU Core i7-2637M, drive a 4K Display?

    I have a old DELL XPS 13 mobile PC which uses a Core i7-2637M. Hope to buy a 4K Display for additional 2nd display to expand work area. But not sure, i7-2637M can drive 4K display or not smoothly.
    last modified by Forest-Walker
  • Intel S2600CP Sensor Error

    Hi, I have a Intel S2600CP motherboard (Serial Number QSCP20900258 - Model Number E99552-505) with 16 x 16GB DDR3 1800 module memories populated, but in ESX 6.5 update 02 show me 04 sensor alerts     Syste...
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  • Intel Graphics Settings initializing, then doesn't open

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  • Intel DSA 3.4 installation won't be completed

    Hello, I've encountered a problem today while I was trying to install the latest DSA, this is the first time this happened to me and i have no clue what to do, information: Screenshot: -Browser: Google Chrome, but...
    last modified by Zakra
  • how can I install driver for intel dynamic platform and thermal framework?

    I have some troubles with dynamic platform and thermal framework. There is an error in Device manager. If I try to install driver from available process can't finish because of timeout. What can I do to solve this?
    created by DimonProductsTM
  • Can't instal the Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer

    Hello When I tried to instal the Intel Driver and Support Assistant Installer it says: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resours that is unavailable" Can you help me please?
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  • What is the difference between TDP and power consumption?

    What is the difference between TDP and power consumption?
    created by 豪喔
  • Samsung M471A2K43BB1-CRC not working nuc 7i7bnh

    I've verified the RAM works and is Intel validated...still get power button 3 flashes.
    created by trav
  • Intel High Definition Audio Device Driver Deleted After Installing CU KB4464330 on Windows 1809

    Last night I installed the latest Cumulative Update KB4464330 for Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1809 to update it.  Following the installation and the reboot, I have been left with no sound - as the device driver ...
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  • Intel Optane Cache full?

    Hello. I just got a new laptop with m.2 available slots.   And of course, i got two alternatives.. SSD Samsung 970 or Intel Optane   Honestly i'm more interested on intel 32gb as it's cheaper and easier....
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  • i218-V dns does not work

    On Windows 10, build 1734.345 Asrock Z97.   I can access web sites and FTP by ip, but DNS does not work.  I tried putting in for DNS and that did not help.  I know DNS is working on my home net...
    created by fuzzy18
  • Last windows update deleted my drivers

    Hi, I know that the October update of Windows was a mess, so I disabled updates, BUT Windows installed it anyway (THANK YOU). Now I have a big problem with drivers. I solved the problem with one intel audio driver, ...
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  • Need help determinig cause of network link event error #27 for I211 Gigabit in Win 10 Event Log

    Have two ethernet ports on my new machine with an ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 System Board, Windows 10 with latest updates and get the same event error #27 on either port I connect a cable to. Have tried different...
    created by Leibuda
  • Mode Not Supported - NUC7JYH - HDMI to Samsung LE19R86BD

    I've tried to run the NUC7JYH (bought as an assembled unit from Ambros) with a HDMI connection to a Samsung LE19R86BD, a TV that functions perfectly well as a monitor when I use it with another machine (VGA 1440x900 5...
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