• Multiple Monitor Mode not working...

    I have Windows 10, on an HP, with Intel HD Graphics 5500, trying to connect an HP screen to my laptop via HDMI cable connected to the second screen and the laptop. When I right click on the desktop, and left click Gra...
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  • Intel Driver Update Utility silent installation

    Hi there, I have the same question...   --- The installer, after it has executed in silent mode,  does not allow a regular user account to see the improvement program popup at all when the account logs on....
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  • Useless and Non-Functional Software?

    The Intel Driver & Support Assistant on my PC (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) has never detected one driver, even though driver updates of Intel items have been provided by Dell. Most recently, after the Assistant said th...
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  • Intel Technology Provider registion problems

    I am currently trying to sign up for the Intel Technology Provider. I work for a company that is at the platinum level but whenever I input the company data, the website is unable to find the company.. I have looked a...
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  • Help with update process the w_sur_p2.1.0.03720_sursvc_qh.msi

    Hi.   Please help me with the remove the w_sur_p2.1.0.03720_sursvc_qh.msi for his update  
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  • isdct show -intelssd displays No Results

    Hi all,   I have a Dell R740XD with 24 2.5 inch slots in front BP. It has Intel SSDs and one Intel HHHL card (combination of P4500 and 4600). These are connected to mobo via 2 PCIe extender cards. PCIe Extender ...
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  • Uhd620

    Using i5 8250U with integrated UHD620 GPU : solidwork is slow because it is not using the GPU.. 0 %   Using i7 4700MQ with integrated HD4600 GPU : solidwork is fast  because it is using the GPU..70%   ...
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  • I'm missing my intel graphics panel.

    I need help with finding out how to access my intel graphics panel. I've attached my spec below.
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  • Can we configure both DDI ports as HDMI ports of ATOM E3826 simultanously?

    Hello,   I'm want to know that can we configure both DDI ports of Intel ATOM E3826 as HDMI simultanously? or both ports as DP?   As mentioned datasheet both can be configured as eDP at same time. Does thi...
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  • max10 on chip flash write issue (without nios)

    max10 on chip flash write issue (without nios)     hi, can anyone help to answer this question?     I am trying to write data to max10 on chip flash(UFM) without using NIOS. what i am doing is t...
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  • Intel not go Green!

    Cannot buy new motherboard suited my old chip! Chipsets already phase out, no produce anymore since Intel did not provide the chipsets!   Cost me spend more Money unnecessary resources, to upgrade new system! ...
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  • Optane 32G Automatically Disable Constantly

    I‘m using a 32G Optane Memory on my MSI Z370 KRAIT GAMING mother board. At first, I use this Optane to accelerate my system disk, but screen frozen then the system halted always happen. Then I install my OS in...
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  • Alguem me ajude a conseguir a licença para o quartus web, nao estou conseguindo solicitar

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  • Intel DSA not working anymore

    Hi,   My Intel DSA is not working any more. When I try to update the following message is displayed immediately: Oops, something went wrong while trying to scan. Please try again, or see our FAQs for he...
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  • Will asus h8p67m le support xeon e3 1270?

    Will asus h8p67m le support xeon e3 1270?
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  • Buenas.

    Compre una computadora nueva y me sale una marca publicitaria, la cual no puedo quitar porque me pide un código o clave. El sofware  es IPOS versión 1.3.912.   Toda ayuda que me puedan brinda...
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  • What is the maximum simultaneous bandwidth across all USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connections?

    What is the maximum simultaneous bandwidth across all USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connections that I can expect by using the Intel® C612 Chipset xHCI controller in conjunction with several USB 3.0 devices connected to it?...
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  • i7-8550U throttling while gaming CPU 0.4 GHz

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 730 15" Platinum which contains an i7-8550U processor and NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB GPU.   The unit is less than 1 month old but has had a severe throttling issues since the day I first turned ...
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  • HP Envy 15 j013sg general performance Issue

    Hello everyone,   I own a HP Envy j013sg Notebook and after years of good service I experience more and more difficulties especially after updating some parts or Windows updates. I think it could be some general...
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  • crash dumps

    hello! I have many problems with my system and I need helps my system information is: intel g3220 processor with intel hd graphics and apacer 4gb ddr3 ram with h81m-c asus mother board and my os is windows 10 64b...
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