Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting us in the support communities. We know you have a choice and we appreciate that you chose Intel.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Intel support communities before, or this is your first time visiting us. Whether you’re a newbie or one of our legacy community members, I am excited to announce we now have a new rewards system in place for our customers. We’re pleased to present a new rewards system in pursuit of creating the most valuable experience possible on the Intel support communities. Most importantly it is our intention to give you more visibility in the support communities for all that you contribute—and you contribute a lot!


How do the support communities benefit me? In plain words our Support Communities connect you with hundreds of thousands of other community members to help you get more value out of your Intel products and services. The support communities are a place where you can get fast support from other customers and our own Intel community moderators.


If you have feedback on the rewards system please feel free to reach out to me directly Blake Landau at


For more information on how this works please see the FAQ.