• I have 965GF board. The boot options are disabled. How to enable it ? Can not set boot device priority due to that!

    I can not boot from cd because of this issue !
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  • DP35DP Motherboard - RAM voltage requirements and Intel Integrator Assistant

    Hi all   I have a DP35DP motherboard in my PC.  Until recently I have been using a 32-Bit OS and so could only use two 2GB sticks of RAM.  I had another two sticks, but I kept them as spares.  But...
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  • What BIOS settings are required to get motherboard to recognize video card?

    I'm having trouble installing a video card in my computer (specs. detailed below). Without the video card, everything works fine. I can boot into the OS without a problem, and I can even get into the BIOS setup screen...
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  • Regarding changing motherboard

    Hi,   I had an Intel DG41TY motherboard which went bad. I am planning to replace it with Gigabyte G41 motherboard. If I simply plug in the new motherboard with other components (viz. HDD, RAM and power supply),...
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  • Network cable unplugged Acquiring network address

    I have Windows XP professional SP2.  Despite installing Lan card drivers (LAN_allXP_5.774_PV_RTL) for intel board D945GCNL I am getting message "network cable unplugged, acquiring network address" but when I go t...
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  • I have an old DQ57TM motherboard.

    I have an old DQ57TM motherboard. Trying to set it up once again but it has been a long time and I have forgotten how. I have a red light at the bottom right of the board. When pc is powered up it beeps and I don't ge...
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  • Intel DH61CR Motherboard External Graphics Issues

    So I started building a PC for a client and the video card will not put out any video (Asus Strix R7 370 4GB) when I put it in this system, I have tested several different power supplies the card works fine in any oth...
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  • When are Intel Desktop Bios in a High Impedance State?

    Are Intel desktop bios chips in a High Impedance mode during following three conditions? The motherboard is not powered. The motherboard has ATX power, but the board has power, but is not turned to boot. The mother...
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  • Help with too many enteries in the BCD

    Somewhere along the way, I have inadvertently created too many boot entries in the BCD section labeled "Firmware Application (101fffff)", and my system is booting very slowly, but eventually boots normally. I have 3...
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  • LGA 2011-3 & LGA 2066 Socket dimensions

    Hey there,   I'm new to the Intel community so allow me to welcome myself!   Anyway, I'm going to upgrade from an AMD FX-9590 to an Intel Core i7-7820X and the water cooler I use (which is a Corsair H110i)...
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  • DP55SB stuck at post with R9 280x

    My pc wont boot anymore after updating nvidia gt 210 to R9 280X gpu. I have tried to downgrade and upgrade bios revisions but neither of those help, I started with the newest bios revision. Motherboards leds are showi...
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  • whether Intel (R) G33/G31 Express Chipset supports 4TB HDD

    Hi, I am having a desktop with Intel (R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Motherboard whether it supports 4TB HDD, please inform.
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  • DH61CR board & Windows Update KB4093118, KB408875, KB4088881

    Good afternoon everybody, I've been playing a game a "whack-a-mole" for too long now. My public school has several refurbished desktop computers with the Intel D61CR motherboard and every security update since March (...
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  • F7 boot menu not working; causing PC hang.

    Today, after starting the desktop, when the boot page was showing, I hit the F7 (Bios update menu)  just out of curiosity. Surprisingly the PC stuck at the same boot screen ("intel") .  I hit the Esc button,...
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  • How to increase CPU fan speed "levels"?

    I have gone through the web article Error: Chassis Fan Has Slowed or Stopped for Intel® Desktop Boards , and want to use it. But in my "Boot Menu" (F2) I can not find any "Advanced" tab or option. Although on "C...
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  • DH87RL - BIOS 0331 only shows one "Legacy" boot device in F10 menu

    I updated the DH87RL desktop board from BIOS version 0326 to 0331, but now when pressing [F10] all "Legacy Bios" boot devices are not displayed anymore, except the first device on the "SATA-0" port of the DH87RL. This...
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  • Intel DZ87KLT-75K BIOS Update For Spectre And Meltdown ?

    It's been sometime, news from various publications are reporting that intel is ready with security microcode for spectre and meltdown, I haven't seen any new BIOS for DZ87KLT-75K that addresses this security flaw, whe...
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  • Dell XPS 8500 desktop w/H77 chipset - RST Uninstall?

    I'm new here and I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have 5-6 year old Dell XPS 8500 desktop PC, Win7 Home Premium, Core i7-3440 @ 3.40Ghz, 12Gb RAM, H77 chipset board, 32Gb SSD cache drive that is pai...
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  • DG41TY motherboard not starting

    Hi,   I have an old DG41TY mb. It had stopped working. A repair engg. replaced its Q12 IC (and removed Q36 IC). It started working. After a few days, it again stopped working. This has happened few times. What c...
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  • Intel DQ77MK Motherboard

    Hi,   I recently purchased bulk (new) Intel DQ77MK motherboard from Amazon. I understand that this board is discontinued (2012) but I’m encountering a problem and I would like to know if the board I got is...
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