• Ajuda Placa Mãe Não da Video Com VGA

    placa mãe da 1 bipe curto quando coloco a placa de vídeo GTX 1050TI ela da imagem mas não dai da tela da bios e quando retiro a GTX ela liga normalmente ja testei com outras placas e funcionou norma...
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  • Motherboard DG965SS can't use microphone with windows 7

    Motherboard DG965SS can't use microphone with windows 7 is the issue I can't solve, audio works well but there is no way I could find to use a microphone with this system, which previously had windows xp sp3 and every...
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  • End Of Life Dates

    Hello, I was wondering when was the end of life of the Intel DH55HC, DP55WB, and DH67BL, and I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. I'd be very grateful for an answer.   Other than that, I see that the DH67...
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  • New gpu, black screen problem

    Hey Guys!   I want to ask your help, I just bought a new SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon™ RX 560 4GD5 (11267-18) gpu, and when im build it into my pc, and start it, nothing happens, blackscreen and no sound, etc. &#...
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  • Windows 7 stops working with change of system board

    I have a machine which will dual boot into Windows 7 or Windows XP - this was working fine with an Intel D945GNTLR AA C96324 system board.     However, the system  board recently failed and I had to rep...
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  • no display after bios update

    Hi,  i have intel motherbord DH61WW  and i was update bios to 0041 and after that i was update it again to 0099 and now there is no display appear for boot   can some one help me ??
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  • DZ77BH-55K usb driver for XP  sp3

    Please help !  System = XP sp3   The usb driver on the install CD fails to install after numerous attempts.   Can someone PLEASE direct me to a usb driver download for DZ77BH-55K   Thank you!
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  • Intel Board DH67CF bricked -- flashing with SPI-programmer?

    Hi.   I've bricked my DH67CF board (No.: BTCF1150008G AA G10216-203; Intel Core i5-2400S) by a firmware update via the F7 method. The updated seemed to progress correctly, but after the system automatically rebo...
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  • Network cable unplugged Acquiring network address

    I have Windows XP professional SP2.  Despite installing Lan card drivers (LAN_allXP_5.774_PV_RTL) for intel board D945GCNL I am getting message "network cable unplugged, acquiring network address" but when I go t...
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  • DH61CR board & Windows Update KB4093118, KB408875, KB4088881

    Good afternoon everybody, I've been playing a game a "whack-a-mole" for too long now. My public school has several refurbished desktop computers with the Intel D61CR motherboard and every security update since March (...
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  • DH87RL - BIOS 0331 only shows one "Legacy" boot device in F10 menu

    I updated the DH87RL desktop board from BIOS version 0326 to 0331, but now when pressing [F10] all "Legacy Bios" boot devices are not displayed anymore, except the first device on the "SATA-0" port of the DH87RL. This...
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  • Motherboard compatablilty

    hello. I want to change my moherboard which is DH61WW. I have Intel® Core™ i5-2310 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)  and i am looking for a good and compatible motherboard for my processor. waiting...
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  • Placa mãe DH61WW é compatível com processador I5-8400?

    Olá!   Gostaria de tirar uma dúvida se minha placa mãe DH61WW suporta processador I5-8400? Se não, quais processadores recomendados para aquisição para melhorar a performa...
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  • Z77 Chipset BIOS Questions & NVMe

    I am looking to use a NVMe as a boot device on my motherboard, and I have a few questions.   1. Was the Z77 BIOS written by AMI? 2.  I have read elsewhere on this forum that Intel Desktop boards do not sup...
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  • DZ87KLT-75K board stopped working after BIOS update

    I need the help of my friends, my mother board DZ87KLT-75K stopped working after BIOS update, I need the backup so I can reprogram the bios chip winbond 25Q64FV, thank you
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  • Audio doesn't work

    I just replaced a Gigabyte motherboard that died with an Intel DH6GD. Obsolete, but new and with the same specs as the Gigabyte that worked fine until it died.  But no support!   At first I had headphones p...
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  • Does DH87RL accept I3 4170 without updating BIOS ?

    Good Morning ! I bought an Intel DH87RL motherboard (OEM). Do I need to update the BIOS (which should be version 0314) to use an I3 4170 on it? I could check, but I'm putting together a pc and missing some parts to t...
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  • UHD video support for DZ77GA-70K

    I have an Intel mobo DZ77GA-70K.   I want to know if there are any video cards that would work with this 5 year old mobo that would support UHD/4K monitors (3840x2160).   I recently purchased a GEForce...
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  • Need drivers

    Hello, I encounter a problem during a clean install of Win10 after a change of hard disk.   I can put all the drivers except 3 and I can not find them (I already tried the drivers provided by the manufacturer ...
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  • Which Board & Processor is Best

    I plan on building a desktop PC on which Video-creation and editing will be the main activity, together with photograph and general graphics manipulation and processing.   My preferred O/S is Win7 Ultimate SP1 6...
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