• Spectre & meltdown patch for Intel board

    Hello everyone,   I did read about the Spectre / Meltdown mitigation, and from what I understood you need: An updated BIOS from the motherboard vendor A patch from the operating system vendor   When will...
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  • What is the right heatsink for the DQ77CP m'board

    This board has raised circuits close by 2 sides of the chip housing (or whatever it's called?) and therefore no standard round heatsink/fans are workable. Where can I find such a heatsink?
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  • Intel DQ67OW not booting after recent BIOS update

    Hi all,   Last week I thought it would be a good idea to update the BIOS of my home server to the most recent bios available for this board (SWQ6710H.86A.0068.2017.0601.1425). Flashing the BIOS seemed to work f...
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  • No Digital output Intel 4000 card Windows 10 1709 DQ77MK

    Within the past few weeks, our Windows 10 installations (through MDT) no longer output video when using a DVI cable. Intel drivers - Default when installed - Rolled back version 10.18.10...
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  • DH77KC Chassis intrusion + bios password

    Good morning, i have the m/b in the title. I'm getting this extremely annoying problem that is keeping me from using my pc. The BIOS recognizes a chassis intrusion, even when there is no sensor connected to his pin h...
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  • Issue with Extreme Tuning Utility - Tuning capability is gone

    Hi, I have i7-2600k with a DP67BG board. I have this system for several years and I have been always using Intel's extreme tuning utility to overclock my system successfully. Recently I have formatted my PC and upgr...
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  • dh61ww: memory corruption without nomodeset

    Hello,   I own an assembled DH61WW PC, bought near the end of 2012. I am aware that the chipset has been discontinued. I am only looking for an explanation to the cause of the issue.   The problem is descr...
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  • my motherboard is dh61ww...can i use zotac gt710 2gb ddr3 graphic card.........my processor is intel pentium g2020

    can use zotac gt710 2gb graphic card in my intel dh61ww motherboard...my processor is intel pendium g2020
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  • 45nm CPU on DP35DP

    Hi.   Trying to use Q9505 on DP35DP.   On system boot i can get in BIOS, and that's all.   System fan has max RPM with this CPU, something is wrong i guess.   On system reboot i get black scree...
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  • Was there any CD/ DVD/ Installation device along with these intel products?

    Was there any CD/ DVD/ Installation device along with these INTEL products?   I bought desktop home computer's parts (well sealed) on 2013, India, from a big and reputed shop, with bill; But unfortunately the d...
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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  • dh61be chassis intrusion

    HI   I have a problem with my DH61BE Motherboard. It says that there is a cassis intrusion warning when i start the PC. I checked the bios and disabled chassis intrusion. But the error is still there. The BIOS J...
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  • Is it possible to disable Intel Management Engine IME and if so, how

    Is it possible to COMPLETELY disable the Intel Management Engine (IME functions) and the related (AMT functions) and if so how is it done ?   The reason I ask is because I have found two different Intel document...
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  • Possible to boot off a PCIe SATA controller on DH67?

    I'm sure the answer is no, but has anyone here successfully used an add-on SATA card, e.g. SYBA SD-PEX40099, to serve as a boot controller?
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  • cpu결함 관련된 질문드립니다

    이번 cpu관련 결함에 관한 궁금증이 생겨서 글을 남겨봅니다.   아래 링크에 제조사별로 지원정보를 올려주셨는데요. 인텔® 관리 엔진 중요한 펌웨어 업데이트(Intel-SA-00086)   해당링크에는 삼성과 LG제조사가 빠져있습니다.   두 제조사의 경우 어떠한 방식을 통해서 업데이트를 해줘야하나요?   추가적으로 2010년에나온...
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  • Intel DQ77MK Board after updating bios usb port are down, and no video signal

    Okay the bios on the board were the original factory (from 2012,)  and I needed to update it to fix some issues,  I downloaded and installed successfully "MKQ7710H.86A", but after the reboot the usb ports fa...
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    I understand DZ77RE-75K desktop board support has been discontinued and the last BIOS 0066 available for this platform is of May 2013 but given the recent security revelations re "Spectre & Meltdown" will INTEL ...
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  • Wake up from sleep mode suddenly not possible

    Dear Friends, My processor is DX58SO INTEL. My OS is 1709 (OS Build 16299.64). After the latest Autumn update I have a problem with waking from sleep mode, namely, after my desktop goes to "sleep" for a long time (OV...
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  • DX58SO audio will not work

    Hallo kan iemand me helpen met mijn probleem?   alles werk alleen hij ziet geen geluidskaart en als ik drivers instaleer zie ik nog niks ik heb nu zo'n beetje alle drivers voor audio gehad en daarnet ook geprob...
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  • How to enable VT-d on Intel DX79TO BIOS?

    I'm running an E5-2670v1 on an Intel DX79TO motherboard with the latest BIOS version (0650). I cannot find how to enable VT-d in the BIOS. I did find and enabled VT but VT-d (IOMMU) is nowhere to be found in the BIOS...
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