• DP35DP Motherboard - RAM voltage requirements and Intel Integrator Assistant

    Hi all   I have a DP35DP motherboard in my PC.  Until recently I have been using a 32-Bit OS and so could only use two 2GB sticks of RAM.  I had another two sticks, but I kept them as spares.  But...
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  • What BIOS settings are required to get motherboard to recognize video card?

    I'm having trouble installing a video card in my computer (specs. detailed below). Without the video card, everything works fine. I can boot into the OS without a problem, and I can even get into the BIOS setup screen...
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  • Network cable unplugged Acquiring network address

    I have Windows XP professional SP2.  Despite installing Lan card drivers (LAN_allXP_5.774_PV_RTL) for intel board D945GCNL I am getting message "network cable unplugged, acquiring network address" but when I go t...
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  • Motherboard compatablilty

    hello. I want to change my moherboard which is DH61WW. I have Intel® Core™ i5-2310 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)  and i am looking for a good and compatible motherboard for my processor. waiting...
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  • AHCI on GD41TX

    I want to have a dual boot on my system, but can't even find how to turn AHCI for SATA in BIOS. BIOS is updated to the v.86A
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    Hi all, I recently added a DX38BT motherboard that previously ran a fedora system in uefi but I can not remove it from the boot list I try that whenever I start the pc I have to press F10 and choose the boot.   &...
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  • DZ77GA-70K and 2400Mhz Memory?

    I have been running 1600 Mhz memory on this board without any issue.   The mb specs show that this board can run 2400Mhz memory.   I have purchased some new 2400Mhz memory that is rated to run at 2400....
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  • Audio doesn't work

    I just replaced a Gigabyte motherboard that died with an Intel DH6GD. Obsolete, but new and with the same specs as the Gigabyte that worked fine until it died.  But no support!   At first I had headphones p...
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  • Does DH87RL accept I3 4170 without updating BIOS ?

    Good Morning ! I bought an Intel DH87RL motherboard (OEM). Do I need to update the BIOS (which should be version 0314) to use an I3 4170 on it? I could check, but I'm putting together a pc and missing some parts to t...
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  • Intell DX79SR - Possible to do a Windows 7 x64 install?

    Firstly, I can't even get my board to boot from USB no matter what I do.... Think I found the solution to that problem... Something about a Install Compu stick or something. (Which I don't have)   Also, I was re...
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  • Upgrade ram: Ddr3 200 pin exist?

    hi everyone! I have a sony vayo vgn-fw21z with Intel Motherboard PM45 with Intel Core 2 duo T9400 with 2x2Gb Ram ddr2 200 pin. I have the possibility to change the CPU with a Intel Core 2 quad QX9300. And now the ques...
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  • No Video from DH61AG

    I'm installing DH61AG into a LP-2150 AOI chassis.  The power indicator turns on, I get some disk activity, but no video (no splash screen) on the AOI screen or on an external monitor connected to the HDMI port.&#...
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  • Mein WIN10 PC mit Intel DG45ID und CPU Q9650 braucht 70 Sek. zum Hochfahren, wovon 60 Sek. die Intel Logos angezeigt werden.

    Mein WIN10-PC mit SSD und Intel DG45ID, CPU Q9650, braucht 70Sek. zum Hochfahren, wobei 60 Sek. lang die Intel Logos angezeigt werden. Kann man die Logos- Anzeige abschalten? oldsmobil
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  • What is the right heatsink for the DQ77CP m'board

    This board has raised circuits close by 2 sides of the chip housing (or whatever it's called?) and therefore no standard round heatsink/fans are workable. Where can I find such a heatsink?
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  • Intel DQ67OW not booting after recent BIOS update

    Hi all,   Last week I thought it would be a good idea to update the BIOS of my home server to the most recent bios available for this board (SWQ6710H.86A.0068.2017.0601.1425). Flashing the BIOS seemed to work f...
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  • Issue with Extreme Tuning Utility - Tuning capability is gone

    Hi, I have i7-2600k with a DP67BG board. I have this system for several years and I have been always using Intel's extreme tuning utility to overclock my system successfully. Recently I have formatted my PC and upgr...
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  • my motherboard is dh61ww...can i use zotac gt710 2gb ddr3 graphic card.........my processor is intel pentium g2020

    can use zotac gt710 2gb graphic card in my intel dh61ww motherboard...my processor is intel pendium g2020
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  • 45nm CPU on DP35DP

    Hi.   Trying to use Q9505 on DP35DP.   On system boot i can get in BIOS, and that's all.   System fan has max RPM with this CPU, something is wrong i guess.   On system reboot i get black scree...
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  • Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX; Compatible With Samsung SSD 850 PRO

    I have a desktop with the motherboard above: Amazon.com: Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX - BOXDZ77RE-75K: Computers & Accessories   I would like to know if it is compatible with the Samsung ...
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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