• Motherboard compatablilty

    hello. I want to change my moherboard which is DH61WW. I have Intel® Core™ i5-2310 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)  and i am looking for a good and compatible motherboard for my processor. waiting...
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  • my motherboard is dh61ww...can i use zotac gt710 2gb ddr3 graphic card.........my processor is intel pentium g2020

    can use zotac gt710 2gb graphic card in my intel dh61ww motherboard...my processor is intel pendium g2020
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  • bios manufacturer

    I have an intel e210882 motherboard. I need to know the bios chip manufacturer
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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  • Intel DQ77MK Board after updating bios usb port are down, and no video signal

    Okay the bios on the board were the original factory (from 2012,)  and I needed to update it to fix some issues,  I downloaded and installed successfully "MKQ7710H.86A", but after the reboot the usb ports fa...
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  • DX58SO audio will not work

    Hallo kan iemand me helpen met mijn probleem?   alles werk alleen hij ziet geen geluidskaart en als ik drivers instaleer zie ik nog niks ik heb nu zo'n beetje alle drivers voor audio gehad en daarnet ook geprob...
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  • Minha placa-mãe DB75ENBR está sendo reconhecida como DH61BR.

    Comprei em 2015 uma placa-mãe modelo BD75ENBR, porém ao abrir programas de detecção de hardware, especifica 'DH61BR'. Li em outros sites e outras pessoas possuem o mesmo problema que eu. Esto...
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  • DX79SI Motherboard Mouse Keyboard and Display Issue

    Have a DX79si motherboard was working fine till the keyboard and mouse and the display stopped working any one had the same problem? If so is it fixed?
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  • Any difference between eSATA and SATA ports on DH67?

    DH67CL, DH67BL, and some others of the same vintage have two SATA III ports, two SATA II ports, and one specially designated as eSATA. Is there any difference between the eSATA and SATA II ports, other than marketing?...
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  • Can anyone identify this possible validation motherboard?

    I purchased an old server from a thrift store, and I'm trying to get it up and running, but I'm having some boot issues. I'd like to update the bios, check CPU compatibility, and the rest of the troubleshooting tree, ...
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  • After switch on CPU have a delay around 3 to 5 minutes and then booting my system, please hep

    Thanks in advance. When I switch on my power in mother board I am able to see the stand by light is on, then if I switch on the cpu power button its taking some time 3 to 4 min to boot. But there wont be any issue i...
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  • How to update Asset information on EOL boards?

    I've got a few DQ77MK & DQ87PG boards that have missing or incorrect Asset information in the BIOS.   Problem 1) The latest Intel Integrator Toolkit (6.1.6) says you need to boot to the UEFI shell, but as fa...
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  • Intel DX58SO2 socket b & modern graphic cards: Radeon Rx560 etc

      Hello everyone ! I have been struggling to get a Sapphire RX560 4GB  working with  this board -DX58SO2- but I have no luck so far; it seems it cant recognize it. On my first install of the card with...
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  • DQ57TM revision question

    We have some systems that use DQ57TM motherboards.  One is AAE70931-303, some are -400 and some are -401.   Is there anything out there that explains what was changed or fixed between revisions?  The r...
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  • Populating Asset Tag Information

    OK, so as I understand it, I can use the Intel Integrator Toolkit and/or Assistant to enter asset tags, but I can't seem to find much information on what I'm doing wrong. I would like to update the BIOS with my prefe...
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  • DH61WW won't turn on after BIOS Update

    Hello everyone. I was using an Intel DH61WW with an Intel i3-3220 processor and 4 GB of RAM installed and a Nvidia GTX 1050. The motherboard had the BIOS 044 and I decided to update to 099. I use the F7 BIOS option to...
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  • Can GIGABYTE GA-P75-D3P support intel g1620t perfectly, even without updating bios version?

    Can GIGABYTE GA-P75-D3P support intel g1620t perfectly, even without updating bios version?  any responds would be appreciated. thank you.
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  • Please help me with backup of the bios of motherboard intel extreme

    No matter if it is dz dx dp need a backup .bin
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  • Desktop board dp67bg returns nothing when using wmic bios get serialnumber

    Hello, I was trying to install software that requires a bios serial number. In the past I could just press enter, but not any longer. What I have been able to figure out so far is that the Intel® Integrator To...
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  • H170 chipset and 2400MHz RAM

    Can I use with motherboard H170 chipset RAM with 2400MHz speed? In specifications of this chipset not says about RAM speed. Only in CPU specification says about support RAM speed: 6th generation 2133MHz, 7th generat...
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