• What is the right heatsink for the DQ77CP m'board

    This board has raised circuits close by 2 sides of the chip housing (or whatever it's called?) and therefore no standard round heatsink/fans are workable. Where can I find such a heatsink?
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  • my motherboard is dh61ww...can i use zotac gt710 2gb ddr3 graphic card.........my processor is intel pentium g2020

    can use zotac gt710 2gb graphic card in my intel dh61ww motherboard...my processor is intel pendium g2020
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  • 45nm CPU on DP35DP

    Hi.   Trying to use Q9505 on DP35DP.   On system boot i can get in BIOS, and that's all.   System fan has max RPM with this CPU, something is wrong i guess.   On system reboot i get black scree...
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  • Does anyone have a list of Intel boards that support UEFI?

    Hello and good morning. I have been tasked to find whether the list of the below Intel boards supports UEFI. Does anyone have this information? If so it would be greatly appreciated.     D33217GKE D34010W...
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  • DZ77GA-70K and 2400Mhz Memory?

    I have been running 1600 Mhz memory on this board without any issue.   The mb specs show that this board can run 2400Mhz memory.   I have purchased some new 2400Mhz memory that is rated to run at 2400....
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  • Question Re: DZ77GA-70K and PCIe RAID cards

    I am looking to add a PCIe RAID card to my DZ77GA-70K motherboard.  I am using the latest BIOS ver 66.   My question is about compatibility.   I read a thread in this forum that indicated that since B...
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  • Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX; Compatible With Samsung SSD 850 PRO

    I have a desktop with the motherboard above: Amazon.com: Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX - BOXDZ77RE-75K: Computers & Accessories   I would like to know if it is compatible with the Samsung ...
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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  • compatability windows 10 and DZ68DB

    After uprgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 issues started with recovering from sleep mode. is there a compatability issue between the DZ68DB board and windows 10
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  • DG33BU does not see more than 2 GB of RAM

    The motherboard DG33BU is 2 x 1GB DDR2. When adding any modules start, but on the monitor a black screen. The board sees 2GB modules, but only one. In the default configuration, reset the permutation jumper. What else...
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    I understand DZ77RE-75K desktop board support has been discontinued and the last BIOS 0066 available for this platform is of May 2013 but given the recent security revelations re "Spectre & Meltdown" will INTEL ...
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  • DX58SO audio will not work

    Hallo kan iemand me helpen met mijn probleem?   alles werk alleen hij ziet geen geluidskaart en als ik drivers instaleer zie ik nog niks ik heb nu zo'n beetje alle drivers voor audio gehad en daarnet ook geprob...
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  • is 8TB Hard Disk supports for intel DH87RL Desktop Motherboard

    is 8TB Hard Disk supports for intel DH87RL Desktop Motherboard
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  • Kann man das BIOS vom Mainboard CIH61M V:1.0 Updaten ?

    Auf der Offiziellen Seite gibt es kein Update seit 2011 mehr. Würde gerne meinen Cpu von i3-2100 auf i5-3470 aufrüsten.
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  • Intel ME update from 2017/11/23 bricked my ASUS MOBO

    Hello,   one month ago I updated my B150M GAMING with i3-6100 and certified memory with Intel ME update version 2017/11/23 (https://www.asus.com/cz/Motherboards/B150M-PRO-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/)     Ev...
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  • DB85FL

    My computer configuration as below   DB85FL-Motherboard i5-4460-Processors corsair vengeance ddr3 8gb 1600mhz -Ram WD Blue Desktop 1TB Internal Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) MK200-keyboard & Mouse   is the...
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  • DH61DL question

    The DH61DL motherboard says after a certain BIOS revision that it will work with Ivy Bridge processors.  All of the ones we have are using the latest BIOS (version 120, the latest from Intel's site).  If I p...
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  • DQ67EP question

    Does anyone know if the DQ67EP's secure boot works with Windows 10?  I know the DH61DL's don't (it can be enabled in the BIOS but msinfo32 says Secure Boot State = No).   Thanks.
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  • Minha placa-mãe DB75ENBR está sendo reconhecida como DH61BR.

    Comprei em 2015 uma placa-mãe modelo BD75ENBR, porém ao abrir programas de detecção de hardware, especifica 'DH61BR'. Li em outros sites e outras pessoas possuem o mesmo problema que eu. Esto...
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  • intel® Core™ i7-3820 Processor support pci express 3.0 My main Board is DX79TO

    Hello   Does it support Pci Express 3.0   intel i7 3820 2ng gen. intel DX79TO Board LGA2011
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