Modular functions can be calculated by threshold circuits that save energy by mimicking the brain's nuerons, according to Akira Suzuki, Kei Uchizawa, and, Xiao Zhou.


Read their proof in The Australian Computer Society'sTheory of Computing 2011: Energy-Efficient Threshold Circuits Computing Mod Functions


Jungle Computing

Posted by BrandiX Feb 22, 2012

Even as systems are being refined and simplified to improve efficiency, others are looking deeper into more distributed systems that use multiple platforms at once. Current issues and desires with scalability, data distribution, and more seem to be pushing things further toward "jungle computing."


Read or download the chapter from Grids, Clouds, and Virtualization at SpringerLink: Jungle Computing: Distributed Supercomputing Beyond Clusters, Grids, and Clouds


Exascale Supercomputers

Posted by BrandiX Feb 15, 2012

Researchers already have uses for supercomputers capable of exaflops (1018 floating point operations per second) - such as accurate global climate simulation - but existing technology cannot yet support it and the current trend won't make it practical. To reach achieve the goal, systems will have to be far more efficient with energy, memory, error-handling, and more.


Read the article by Robert F. Service at What It'll Take to Go Exascale