Recently, several sources including the one quoted here, report that the Chinese Government is building a "Special Administrative Region called the Cloud Zone, a specially-designed industrial zone for tech companies and start-ups  that are working in the cloud computing/services sector. The Cloud SAR (云特区 in Chinese) is being built in Chongqing, in  south-western China. One astonishing feature of this RMB 1 billion (US$ 154 mil.) upcoming  ‘Cloud Zone,’ which was announced only this week, is that it’ll be free  of China’s internet-filtering – unaffectionately known as the Great  Firewall – which means that the country-wide web censorship will not apply to those who work inside".


No word yet on whether any Many-Core Cloud Computing companies will be setting up shop there, but you can be sure that more than one US and Foreign Tech Company will be watching what goes on here.  This move bodes well for the future of Cloud Computing in general, but more importantly, for those companies that believe the Next Generation of Cloud Applications will be written for Many-Core Processor Architectures similar to Intel's industry leading SCC Research Chip.