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Welcome to our community! Intel® SCS allows you to automatically discover, setup and configure, and maintain a secure connection to every managed device on your network. Using Intel® SCS is an easy process for unlocking the features and the value of systems with Intel® processors with Intel® vPro™ technology. Visit the Intel® SCS product page. Learn more about the latest release in our updated Product Brief. Our goal is to use this community as a breeding ground for all of your feedback, suggestions, and questions.

The latest version of Intel® SCS can be found here.

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Intel® vPro™ Technology Setup and Configuration Software Training


Learn what's new with SCS!

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Training Videos Now Available!

A brief overview of the training videos in this series.

This module gives you an overview of the capabilities of Intel® vPro™ Technology, Intel® Active Management Technology and the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software that we discussed in the other modules in this series.

This module discusses the components of the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software, including the Configurator and the Remote Configuration Service.

This module discusses how to create AMT configuration profiles with the SCS tools and the methods to apply those configurations to clients with Intel® vPro™ Technology.

This module discusses the types of maintenance jobs and when they need to be performed against your Intel® vPro™ Technology clients after they have been configured.

This module discusses the various pre-requisites that ease the setup and configuration process of Intel® vPro™ Technology clients.

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