Yesterday (Feb 4th) was an exciting day online - the 2010 Intel vPro Technology platform was launched.   (the virtual launch area is available at


Richard Foote talked about some of new Intel AMT 6 features - see   And I agree - the KVM remote control feature is my favorite feature also


Jake's blog post provides links to resources and mentioned of RealVNC's KVM viewer plus to be released later in February.  Check it out -


BUT - KVM remote control is NOT universal across all 2010 Intel vPro platforms.   If shopping for a system, ensure it has Intel integrated graphics, vPro processor, and Intel AMT 6.0.   Specifically - look for vPro systems that have the following processors


  • Desktop: i5-650, i5-660, i5-670

  • Laptop: i7-620M, i7-640LM, i7-620LM , i7-640UM,  i7- 620UM, i5-540M, i5-520M, i5-520UM


Before buying a systems - check to ensure it's a vPro system with Intel integrated graphics.   A few examples

  • Take a look at the Lenovo T410 system - two models support Intel integrated graphics and 1 does not.

  • Look at the HP 8440p - 2 with Intel integrated graphics and 2 two without.


There are other systems out there - take a look at for AMT 6.0 systems.   Yet based on the information shared above, keep in mind that KVM remote control is only available on select systems.