A training course on configuring and using Intel vPro Technology in an Altiris environment can be requested from Symantec training


The course summary is posted below, and can also be found at the Symantec Education site:

  • Go to http://education.symantec.com
  • Navigate to section 9, labeled "Infrastructure Operations" at the bottom of the page
  • Select Client Management Suite


After performing the above steps, the course catalog screen will appear.  A subsection of that screen is shown below.  The Intel vPro technology course is "Altiris Enhancing Out of Band Automation with Intel vPro Technology".




If you click on the course name, it will lead the PDF document which is attached within this posting.


If you click on the "View" button, you will note that no courses are scheduled.  However, you can request additional information or schedule a session for your location by contacting Symantec at 800-327-2232 (option 4) or send an email to americas_education@symantec.com.


The training course was developed about a year ago, and was originally listed as the A100 course.  It is built on the Altiris CMS v6 environment, yet the core principles are the same for CMS7.  To get a glimpse of how Intel vPro and Altiris work together, see http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/combining-band-and-out-band-management - which includes an attachment of a CMSv7 video demonstration.