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"Live From Super Computing 2009"

Posted by whlea Nov 18, 2009

This week I'm in Portland, Oregon, where I call home. Its interesting for me since this is my first Super Computing conference, and soo far, I'm really impressed, not only by the intense knowledge and the plethera of scientific discovery all around, but also by the fact this conference is so well attended. There -s a huge trade show floor, filled to capacity where you can see everything from genome research to oil and gas exploration, to bio-computing. . It's very cool to see NASA, Oak Ridge Labratory, and many top universities all showing off the lastest in High Performance Computing, some very cool stuff indeed. From the point of view of higher learning and how super computers are changing the world, this is the place to be. Here are a few shots of the Intel booth in case you get a chance to come by and see us.


SC09-Intel Booth01.JPG


SC09-Intel Booth02.JPG


SC09-Intel Booth03.JPG

SC09-Intel Booth05.JPG


I'll be capturing some cool videos from the conference and you should keep a look out for these on Channel Intel at YouTube. Thanks for stopping by The Server Room.

Take a look at this video segment from Paul Ottelini's keynote today at IDF. Very interesting on where the technology is headed and what the consumer wishes technology could do for them. Very cool stuff......



Hi All,


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Intel's Clayton Craft shows and discusses a HP Z600 Workstation featuring the Intel Xeon 5500 processor at the HP Tech Forum.


Mike Lafferty (Intel) demonstrates the Xeon 5500 Processor series, code-named Nehalem. Check out the video....







Steve Phillips with Cisco gives us a tour of "The Datacenter of the Future". Check out this short video:



What does your Datacenter of the Future look like? How can Intel and Cisco help?

As I've blogged before, my job takes me to many places and I get see all kinds of cool technology when I get there. This example is no exception, I've put together a short video with Steve Cumings of HP showing a tour of the Performance Optimized DataCenter or abbreviated as "POD". Its actually the same size as a standard container for shipping anywhere around the world. These type of assets are vital in time of need such as disaster recovery. Take a look and let us know how you could use this cool technology.



Live From: "Cisco Live" Event

Posted by whlea Jun 30, 2009


I’m here this week in familiar stomping grounds, the Moscone Center, in San Francisco. Today’s event started off strong with John Chambers keynote address. His speech was very engaging as he wandered through the audience, capturing the attention of nearly 10K attendees. What caught my eye especially was his focus on collaboration and Web2.0. The example he used was the recent launch of the Cisco Unified Computing Solution (UCS) which was launched via online tools such as blogs, telepresence, and flicker, check out this photo:


IT-Web20 Enabling Cisco.JPG


This shows that the virtual launch reached 10x the audience at 1/10th the cost! I am really glad to hear that since this is what I do for a living.


John also spoke about some emerging technologies and I found out that Cisco has been working very closely with the Dallas Cowboys on increasing the customer experience. I was a little disappointed to hear John is a Niners fan, but had to expect that coming from a man and a company that was named after San Fran’cisco’, so I give him a break on that one.




It was also very interesting to hear a bit about the history of the Cisco logo, looks like times have changed and so has the logo:




After the keynote, I caught up with John and Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President with Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group at the Intel booth where Kirk had a surprise. Intel presented to Cisco and John a XEON 5500 processor series wafer (code named Nehalem).





Here’s another shot with a the XEON 5500 wafer:


Kirk-John Cisco Live.JPG


I’ll being covering more of the event and participating in social media events during the event. Look for future updates here in the Server Room.


Wm. Hank Lea

I was out at HP Tech Forum last week and had a chance to catch up on all the latest technology advancements with HP and Intel. What I saw was staggering, over 17 new HP-Intel designs, the HP Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD), and lot's more that I will be sharing with you in coming days as I add more video from the event and help to tell the story if you couldn't be there. First off, I caught up with John McAtee from Intel's HP account team. He was showing a cool demonstration on why now is the right time to invest in XEON 5500 processor series technology. Check out this video and find out how you can start saving in your datacenter today !



If you want more information on how the XEON 5500 processor series can starting saving in the datacenter, check out this ROI Calculator tool. Also, if you are looking for detailed information or are just looking to gain more knowledge, you can always "Ask The Professor" in our Server Learning Center.

Here's the 5th video in my VMWorld Chalk Talk Series. In this one, Gerhard Schlabschi, Systems and Storage Marketing with Sun Microsystems gives a chalk talk on various virtualization systems and discusses some of the trade-offs in a virtualized environment. Enjoy .




In this version of my VMWorld Chalk Talk series, we have Intel's Marco Righini, Virtualization Solutions Architect discussing new technologies for virtualization. Check out his video here.


Alan Priestley, Enterprise Marketing Manager with Intel gives a chalk talk on Intel's hardware assist technology VT. His talk covers hardware assists for virtualized environments and specifically for the processor, chipset and network hardware. Check it out.

Today's video blog features Massimo Re Ferre', IBM Senior IT Architect, giving a chalk talk on some of the scenarios where you are looking to "Scale Up" or "Scale Out" your virtual infrastructure. Check out this short video from VMWorld Europe 2009:


I was over in Cannes France a few weeks back listening to some of the Chalk Talks at the Intel Booth. Here's a short video with Guillaume Field, Enterprise Technologist with Dell.His chalk talk covers basics of the VMmark tiles, and how to compare different plaform configurations, such as 2-socket & 4-socket and also between different server vendors. If you are benchmarking a virtualized environment, this is a must see.



Thanks for watching

The Intel XEON Processor 5500 is the new world record holder in >30 top performance benchmarks for 2-socket servers. Check out this video with Pat Gelsinger at the launch event in Santa Clara.



You can also check out all the performance results here: Server Performance Summary - Intel® Xeon® Processor

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