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Intel and Microsoft have had a shared goal of creating a more dynamic and efficient data center.  That vision took another major step at Microsoft WinHEC, where Bill Laing, corporate vice president of Windows Server and Solutions, unveiled Windows Server 2008 R2 in which Microsoft increased Windows Server support from 64 logical processors to 256.  This capability marks a significant milestone for data center mangers interested in improved energy efficiency, performance, scalability and virtualization on multicore Intel Xeon and Itanium processors, sort of like getting dragster performance and hybrid efficiency under the same hood. This scalability also enables unprecedented availability, business agility and IT productivity.  If you want to see it in action, Laing along with Quentin Clark, Microsoft general manager of SQL Engine, give an impressive demo during Laing’s WinHEC keynote (at about 30:39) on both a 192-core Intel Xeon-based IBM server and a 256-core Intel Intanium-based HP server.

As an Intel PR manager who works regularly with Sun Microsystems, its introduction of two Sun Netra servers based on Intel® Xeon® Processors got me doing some math. For those keeping count, the new servers brings its total to 10 new Intel Xeon-based servers, or roughly one every other month, since the companies formed their alliance in January of last year. These most recent servers, which are aimed at the telecommunications industry, include the first carrier-grade server, the Sun Netra X4450, powered by four quad-core Intel Xeon processors 7000 Series. The energy-efficient performance of the Xeon processors helps Sun solve three growing problems in the telco datacenter - limited space, energy consumption and cooling costs. The 4U rackmount Sun X4450 takes advantage of the robust 45nm technology available from of the four Intel Xeon Processors E7338 processors to create an excellent platform for consolidation and virtualization. Features such as 32 memory DIMM slots, more than 1 TB of storage and 10 PCI slots enable telco data-center managers to consolidate Solaris OS, Linux and Windows applications on a single NEBS-certified server. Each processor dissipates a maximum of 80W of power. The new Sun Netra X4250 2U rackmount server is powered by two LV Intel Xeon Processors 5000 Series that offer power savings as well as performance. The Sun Netra X4250 server is designed to be energy-efficient, supporting up to 16 memory slots and four internal disk drives in a 2U, 20-inch-deep carrier-grade package. The low-power Intel Xeon Processor L5408 dissipates a maximum of 40W of power.

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