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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting NYC SBS users group, ( ).    First let me tell you about the journey, I jumped on a plane @ 6AM en route to Arizona, then JFK.  After arriving @ 5PM my biz partner (chris G) told me to take the airtrain, then LIRR, then taxi and arrive at the MS headquarters.  Well for being my first time thru all modes of transportation in one day it was flawless.  I did however google it prior to traveling and this site was very helpful   Each method was on time, smooth, and overall a great experience.  Now, let me also give props to Mr. Jason Davidson as he has reminded me countless times, NYC in the winter is COLD.   I dressed warm and it paid off, standing in line for a taxi for 25 mins in that weather was pretty cold.


So why did I go to NYC?  Well back in Washington, DC for the WPC conference I met two gentlemen that invited Chris & I to NYC.  I said that night that we would come to their meeting and you know what – we did!    I arrived just in time for the introduction and kick off of Karl Palachuk talk about our platform (Intel Hybrid Cloud).  He captivated me in his analogies, descriptions and how he made the technology easier to understand and more palatable for the audience.   He showed a live box in our MSP test environment and it worked like a champ (kudos Micah for making this a reality).  He also showed a real machine, which I realize is a pain to drag across the country but it was very helpful to explain the Lenovo TS200V platform and how it is physically configured.


We had a ton of great questions and I really liked giving Jason’s example of the 3 level’s of manageability and how IHC fits into the mix.  What are the 3 level’s?  1)  in band, 2) out of band 3) middle band.   In band is described as your normal tools you utilize to RDP into a box, out of band = Intel Active Management technology, middle band is our new interface which is really helpful, cool and just solid technology.  While I realize this is my opinion I have been working in this domain of remote management for the last 10 years, therefore seeing something that jazzes me up is a big deal. 


Back to the event, ton of great questions and we continued the dialogue in the restaurant across the street.   The dialogue was focused around how can we help MSP’s discuss the platform, how to make it so easy to deploy and how we can help to get folks started.  I was impressed by the level of dialogue, amount of information shared and the # of years these folks have been working in the MSP arena.  We ended the night and started our journey back.   


How was the journey back?  nothing like the journey there..  yah I’m laughing now, but not then.   We did subway to train, tried to get on NJ transit (NO GO!!).. took a taxi and finally about 1:30am we were to our hotel.  That’s great but when you have a 4:30AM wake up call it’s not so good.   took off from NYC to SFO, then SFO was fogged in..   got a rental car and drove back to my car in SMF, then home.  What a journey.. but it was SO worth it.. 


Thank you NYC..  yes I’ll be back.


Now if you are interested to hear where Karl’s going next, check his blog @ -

Yesterday, we had two of the Entry systems for Intel hybrid cloud hit our dock in Folsom.  We quickly opened one up and Jason walked us thru the process.



While this is good, jason & I have setup boxes a number of times, therefore we asked our newest team member (Monica) to do the same and follow the Duck N Bunny guide to see if it would work.     Let me also introduce Monica to the world, she has just moved into my team and will be driving the engagements with MSP's around the world.  She is focused on making the process easier, faster and make doing business with Intel simple.   If you see her out at events or online please say hi!.  


Here she is with the IHC box and when I asked her after for her opinion, here is what she said


"Intel Hybrid Cloud team obviously thinks of everything.   Following the set-up guide that was included in the box was just the way I like things to be:  Duck & Bunny simple! "   





IF you are interested for your MSP please go to and register.     

If you were unable to attend the IDF class on Intel Hybrid Cloud and want to hear what we said.   I recommend you check out the audio enabled presentation that the IDF team created for us.


In this session we cover:
• Intel® technology solutions for providing a subscription-based IT managed service to small businesses
• The current ecosystem and hardware providers
• Integrating software onto Intel® platforms
• A demonstration of Windows* Small Business Server (codename Aurora) integration with a future Intel® server platform (codename Bromolow )


Listen to Matt Clarin talk about what CPR has been able to do with utilizing the new platform.  Jason discusses how ISV's can join us, while For goes over the future roadmap and aurora integration.


Here's one of my favorite foils from the presentation.




Josh Hilliker

If you have heard of the Intel Hybrid Cloud, however you have not seen any details on what it is, how it works and who it's for, then this video will help.   The team got together to publish this quick video on the what, how, who, why of the Intel hybrid cloud.





If you are interested to hear more after the video, check out


The team is working on a shooting more how-to video's and recap of our IDF (Intel developers forum), therefore stay tuned for more.  Also please let us know if there any areas of the Intel Hybrid Cloud you would like to hear more about.


thank you


Josh Hilliker

Here's a great overview of the Intel hybrid cloud.



If your interested to sign up, here are the 4 easy steps it takes to join the pilot program.



Or go to    

We are hosting a class @ Intel Developers forum.  Here's a quick preview of what is to come.



Please see the IDF website for more information and class schedule. 

Last week, Chris Graham, Jason Davidson, Bill Law & I went to WPC to share out our new platform, the Intel Hybrid Cloud.    If you are interested to learn more check out


Intel® Hybrid Cloud Pilot Program


Offer your small business customers cloud-like flexibility, with the peace of mind offered by on-premise hardware.

Intel® Hybrid Cloud is an innovative new subscription-based model for providing locally hosted server software on a pay-as-you-go basis. Small businesses get all of the benefits of services in the cloud, with the responsiveness and consistency of local applications, plus the peace of mind of having your data on site. Whether you are already selling managed services or are thinking about expanding into this rapidly growing market, Intel Hybrid Cloud can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.


If you are interested to hear more about this new Pilot Program and Platform register for the webinar.


Chris Graham and I will be providing a technology and business overview of the pilot.   Please join in and you can also follow me on twitter @JoshProstar to hear more about what we are planning.  


Date:  July 1st (Thursday)

Time: 10-11AM PDT

Quote from SMBNation -


"There is a tired old management saw that the letter “I” doesn’t exist in the word “team.” But it certainly does exist in the word Intel and as you shall read shortly, it stands for INNOVATION.  First, let me provide the proper context. Economists agree that chip makers and storage companies tend to enter recessions early and recover early. Call it an advance indicator of things to come. Fortunately, this is good news today as Intel is now exceeding investor expectations. But this blog is about a new Intel pilot program that will, trust me, exceed your expectations."


Here is what I have been working on since I left the vPro world.   Now that the word is out you can expect more blogs, video's and info about this new platform.

Hi all,


I've just recently changed jobs from the client world (Intel vPro Technology) to the Server domain at Intel.  One of the first exciting platforms I've been able to check out is coming out today and I wanted to take a moment and share this out.   This new platform is from Lenovo, it's a TS200v (shown below)

TS200v Image.jpg


Here is what I found late last night on PC mag -,2817,2360212,00.asp talking about the features & capabilities.  For me this answers a question that I have received for the last 5 years.  "When is AMT going to hit workstations/servers?"  Well the time is now, the time is today.


Check out Lenovo's post -


If you want to read more on AMT 6.0, here's the developer link that talks about the features -


However nothing's complete with out a video..   Check out Jason D & I scoping this out in my new lab..






Oh wait. it's not a Workstation..  It's a SERVER!!!!

Hank Lea & I will be talking about a recent interview with Sally Stevens (Director of Server Platform Marketing for Dell) and Kirk Skaugen, (vice president of the Digital Enterprise Group and general manager of the Server Platforms Group for Intel). the are talking about their new platforms - Dell11G & Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series.

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