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Happy holidays to all of our listeners and we hope you’re having an easier time than we are settling back into work! This month, all three podcasts delivered episodes on energy efficiency and performance per watt. Chip Chat finished off a run of episodes from the NAB conference earlier in the year and delivered a fascinating episode on the Intel® AtomTM processor S1200 launch, which delivers server class performance at only 6W. Conversations in the Cloud tackled scale out storage – storing a terabyte of data at only 12 W. And Digital Nibbles had Intel’s eco-technology guru, Lorie Wigle, stop by to talk about sustainability in technology. As always, you can listen to the episodes via the links below, and comment on this blog post with any podcast topics you’d like to hear about.


Intel Chip Chat

  • Media Solutions for Dell Hardware – Intel® Chip Chat episode 224: Allyson was at the NAB conference earlier in the year and stopped by to talk with Franklin Flint from Dell about the solutions at the show and what customers can do to take their products to market on Dell hardware – removing the need to build to do their own build and managing their own supply chain. For more information, visit
  • Large Object Storage for Media – Intel® Chip Chat episode 225: Paul Speciale, VP of products for Amplidata, chats about large object storage – storing very large unstructured data at petabyte scale. Allyson caught up to him at the NAB conference, where he talked about the AmpliStor system, and what it means for storing media. For more information, visit
  • The World's First 6-Watt, 64-bit Server-class SoC for Microservers – Intel® Chip Chat episode 226: Frequent Chip Chat guest Raejeanne Skillern, director of marketing for cloud computing at Intel, stops by to talk about the Intel® Atom processor S1200 launch – the industry’s first server-class SoC featuring 64-bit support, error code correction and Intel virtualization technologies, aimed at microservers, storage and networking systems. For more information, visit


Intel Conversations in the Cloud


Digital Nibbles Podcast

  • Do Well by Doing Good – DNP episode 24: A couple of fascinating interviews this week on Digital Nibbles. First up is Lorie Wigle (@lwigle), general manager in the Eco-Technology Program Office at Intel. She focuses on the intersection of sustainability and technology – looking at both the direct footprint of computing (how can we make everything from cell phones to datacenters more efficient) as well how technologies can be applied to address challenges (like food safety or energy data). Then Rick Turoczy (@piepdx), general manager of the Portland Incubator Experiment stops by to talk about funding starts ups in Portland, OR and how to make better entrepreneurs and start ups.

In our podcasts this month we’ve covered everything from benchmarking to cloud storage. Our tireless host, Allyson Klein, interviews partners Oracle, Samsung, Cakewalk, Dell, and Virtustream on their innovative products. Check out the direct links and recaps below, and leave a comment if there are any topics you’d like to see covered on the podcasts.


Chip Chat:


  • Benchmarking Mission Critical Database Workloads – Intel® Chip Chat episode 194: Pat Buddenbaum from Intel and Vikram Kumar from Oracle discuss mission critical platforms and workloads in the context of the TPC-C benchmark and the five million transactions per minute Intel® Xeon® processor E7 based system. They also talk about the broader scope transaction processing and platform benefits.
  • Memory Usage Trends – Intel® Chip Chat episode 195: In a follow-up to last week’s episode, Sylvie Kadivar, director of strategic marketing from Samsung, stops by to talk about how memory technology benefits a number of benchmarks. She also discusses the company’s Green Memory Technology and benefits. Visit for more information.
  • Why I/O Virtualization is Important for the Data Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 196: Frequent guest Brian Johnson from Intel® Ethernet stops by to talk about virtualizing I/O traffic and added features in Microsoft Hyper-V* like integrating SR-IOV to allow a fast path between the VM and network controller (bypassing the hypervisor).
  • Intel® Platforms and the Portable Music Studio – Intel® Chip Chat episode 197: Chip Chat is on the road at NAB to talk to Brandon Ryan from Cakewalk about the company’s product. The Sonar X1 Producer allows musicians to record studio-quality music on a laptop or desktop PC, allowing creativity to be unfiltered. Visit for more information.


Conversations in the Cloud:


  • Power Management Technologies with Dell – Intel® Conversations in the Cloud episode 46: Roger Foreman, a product marketing manager from Dell, stops by to talk about managing power in the data center with Open Manage Power Center, which allows an IT Manager to think about power across the data center and implement controls/power capping. Visit for more information.
  • A Trusted Execution Platform with Virtustream – Intel® Conversations in the Cloud episode 47: From July 2012: Kevin Reid, CEO/CTO of Virtustream, stops by to talk his company’s background in IaaS and private cloud services, and also to discuss what they’ve done product-wise to address the ODCA Usage Models surrounding security and a Trusted Execution Platform (moving beyond trusted apps to a hardware level). Visit for more information.


Digital Nibbles:


  • Data Visualization and Capacity Exchange – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 14: It’s a multi-continent show this week as Reuven and guest Leslie Bradshaw (President, COO and Co-Founder, JESS3) are in North America while Allyson and guest Andreas Hipp (CEO and Co-Founder, Epsilon) are in Europe. Leslie is here to talk about data visualization – taking all the massive amounts of data we encounter on a daily basis and distilling it into something more engaging and exciting – while cautioning against the rise of the infographic. After a bit of technical difficulty, Andreas talks about the IT commodity market – specifically the telecom interconnection of over 400 networks globally to help info flow easily.
  • Streaming Cloud Storage – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 15: Reuven is out sick this week (we’re sure he’ll make a comeback for the next episode), so Allyson is hosting solo. She’s joined by Tony Gauda (@tonygauda), CEO and co-founder of Bitcasa as well as frequent guest Michael Sheehan (@hightechdad). Tony’s talking storing data in the cloud and streaming to your mobile devices in real time (similar to Spotify or Netflix) while Michael updates us on the latest technology gadgets and innovations.





Sorry we missed you guys last week.  But we're back this week to make up for the difference!.  And Marlin is back again to talk security.  Read on for more!



From Network Ops. to CIO what keeps you awake?  For most, it’s not whether or not they left the light on last night.  It’s the security of their system.  Moving up the stack from the every-day user to the data center that powers the company cloud, information security and governance are not just the tip of the iceberg, they are the iceberg.


Want the opportunity to chat with someone that deals with these concerns every day?  This week we have Marlin Pohlman to discuss these items and more.  Marlin’s world revolves around these topics so much so that he has earned the title Chief Governance Officer at EMC and plays a role in many of cloud security organizations.




Read more on Marlin:


Marlin_Pohlman.pngMarlin Pohlman is Chief Governance Officer at EMC. In this role Marlin sets the product and service strategy for EMC's 30+ lines of business as they relate to Governance, Risk and Regulatory compliance.  Marlin is also the Co Chair of the Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix WG and Co-Chair of the Shared Assessment WG, CloudAudit.  He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, MBA in technology management, holds a CISSP, CISA, CISM, and CGEIT & PMP. Marlin has published five texts on regulatory compliance.





Tune in February 22 at 3:00 PM PST to listen in on Allyson Klein & Reuven Cohen chat wiht Marlin on goevernance & infosec


Have questions now?  Feel free to comment here or share with @DigitalNibbles!

Sorry everyone!  Due to some unforseen items this episode has been cancelled.  Check back soon for what's next on Digital Nibbles.




Sorry everyone!  Due to some unforseen items this episode has been cancelled.  Check back soon for what's next on Digital Nibbles.



From Network Ops. to CIO what keeps you awake?  For most, it’s not whether or not they left the light on last night.  It’s the security of their system.  Moving up the stack from the every-day user to the data center that powers the company cloud, information security and governance are not just the tip of the iceberg, they are the iceberg.


Want the opportunity to chat with someone that deals with these concerns every day?  This week we have Marlin Pohlman to discuss these items and more.  Marlin’s world revolves around these topics so much so that he has earned the title Chief Governance Officer at EMC and plays a role in many of cloud security organizations.




Read more on Marlin:


Marlin_Pohlman.pngMarlin Pohlman is Chief Governance Officer at EMC. In this role Marlin sets the product and service strategy for EMC's 30+ lines of business as they relate to Governance, Risk and Regulatory compliance.  Marlin is also the Co Chair of the Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix WG and Co-Chair of the Shared Assessment WG, CloudAudit.  He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, MBA in technology management, holds a CISSP, CISA, CISM, and CGEIT & PMP. Marlin has published five texts on regulatory compliance.





Tune in February 15 at 3:00 PM PST to listen in on Allyson Klein and Marlin talk goevernance & infosec


Have questions now?  Feel free to comment here or share with @DigitalNibbles!

Everywhere you look in the enterprise the cloud is more visible.  From self-service IT to data center capacity expanded through cloud on-boarding, the cloud has taken hold in our world.  What about at home, what has cloud meant for our everyday lives?  This week on the Digital Nibbles Podcast Michael Sheehan of HighTechDad discusses cloud technology & the consumer.cloud_computing_generic.png


Like many other technologies (see mobile phones) cloud has seen its most rapid innovation cycle in the consumer world.  Not too long ago cloud meant webmail & websites.  Now we backup our info, schedule our day, video chat, play video games, and sync our media from our phones, homes, and cars.  Oh yeah, and we make phone-calls on occasion too.



blogtalk_logo.pngCurious?  Tune in tomorrow Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 3 PM Pacific Standard Time to hear more from the Allyson Klein, Reuven Cohen and @HighTechDadhimself Michael Sheehan.





Michael Sheehan is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an avid technologist, blogger, social media pundit husband and father.  Michael writes about technology, consumer electronics, gadgets, software, hardware, parenting "hacks," and other tips & tricks.  Professionally, Michael is the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid.  To learn more checkout his about/bio page on his blog.HTD_HeadShot.png

cloud questions

(CC) Flickr: Micky Aldridge


Cloud is an ever-growing complex topic.  It has sprouted into every aspect of our digital world in the home, car, on the go, and of course in the enterprise.  Even now, the technologies are still maturing and we have issues likeefficiency to consider let alone the geo-political concerns that can arise in a globalcloud strategy.


This week on Digital Nibbles, a new podcast series on the current events & issues that face the world of cloud and data center, we have Intel’s Winston Saunders and Jackson He to talk about those two subjects.


Winston Saunders, Intel’s Director of Data Center Power Initiatives and regular blogger on data center efficiency, will discuss the challenges and benefits that the cloud presents for efficiency.  And Jackson He, Intel’s General Manager for Software & Services in China, will discuss the challenges and issues that face IT pros in China with enabling cloud technologies.


Turn-on, tune-in, geek-out LIVE Wednesday Jan. 18 at 3:00 PM Pacific time with hosts Allyson Klein and Reuven Cohen at the Digital Nibbles Website.


Feel free to comment with questions here or share with @DigitalNibbles on Twitter now through the show!

This year marked huge accomplishments for the progression of Cloud computing. From introducing Intel’s Cloud Vision 2015 to celebrating Open Data Center Alliance’s one year anniversary, it was a huge year for Cloud. As we approach a new year, let’s reminisce on all of the biggest and most popular topics that surrounded Cloud computing in 2011.


We Read:


Usage Models and Technology by Billy Cox


Facebook + Open Data Center Alliance: What’s not to love (Or should I say like)? By Raejeanne Skillern


Cloud Computing Strategy: It’s all for Naught if the Dogs Won’t Eat by Bob Deutsche


Hybrid cloud – Are you Ready? By Billy Cox


Intel IT’s cloud road map challenges and solutions ahead by Ajay Chandramouly


Is Virtualization the “foundation” to cloud computing? By Jake Smith


Fundamental Truths of Enterprise Cloud Strategy by Bob Deutsche


How to effectively manage identity in a cloud environment by Bruno Domingues


We Watched:


In Intel’s Cloud Vision 2015, Intel and its partners explain how they are working to develop cloud computing infrastructure and architecture to meet increasing requirements of cloud. With Cloud vision 2015, Intel describes plans to take the data center to the next level and delivering secure, energy efficient hardware and services to move the cloud for the next four years.


Deciding to move to the cloud can be a difficult process. Save hours reading the documentation and learn if configuring a private cloud is the right thing to do to manage your resources by watching Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: How to Configure the Cloud. This video features a thematic animation with technical tips and live configuration samples.


We Listened:


In our chip chat on Open Data Center Usage Models with Raejeanne Skillern, we talked about how the developments of cloud computing and data center technology advancements make open standards a necessity.


We also heard from Intel’s Alan Priestley, Cloud Director for EMEA, as he discussed cloud security and the importance of building trust from Client to Cloud.


As we start the new year, we look forward to what’s to come for Cloud computing!  What are your predictions? Let us know what you think the future holds for cloud computing, and comment below!



For the latest on cloud computing news and technology follow @IntelITS

As technology progresses, energy and data center efficiency become a very important consideration. Not only is data center efficiency a crucial factor to a sustainable planet, but it can also save you from increasing costs of energy usage. This year provided some great insight into the importance of data center efficiency. Let’s take a moment to look back on some of our content surrounding this topic.


We Read


Turning the Tide: Thee Simple Imperatives for the Energy Efficient Data Center by Winston Saunders


Energy Efficient Technology beyond the Data Center: Energy Proportionality of Xeon travels to Prague by Winston Saunders


The Difference Between Energy and Power: Why It Matters to the CIO by Winston Saunders


Power and Energy Efficiency: Double Your Benefit by Winston Saunders


The Efficient Data Center: Why I’m attending the Green Grid Tech Forum by Winston Saunders


Top Green IT: Making it Happen by Winston Saunders


The Elephant in your Data Center: Inefficient Servers by Winston Saunders


We Watched:


During IDF 2011, we had a technical session where we reviewed the challenges affecting data center efficiency and the solutions available now to address these issues.


We also learned how instrumentation delivered on Intel Xeon processors can improve data center efficiency. Similarly, Intel Power Node Manager can also optimize and manage power and cooling resources in the data center.


We listened:


To Intel® Chip Chat - Inside Facebook's New Data Center where Facebook's Lead of Hardware Design Amir Michael and Intel's Director of Cloud Marketing on the impressive innovation in data center efficiency resulting from 18 months of collaboration.


Also on Intel® Chip Chat we learned about SUE: A New Way to Measure Datacenter Efficiency where Mike Patterson and Winston Saunders, who both work on datacenter efficiency at Intel, talk about developing a new measurement to go hand-in-hand with PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) called SUE (Server Usage Effectiveness).



As each day passes, Green IT becomes a more important topic in the technology industry. Moving into 2012, what are some of your thoughts on the future of efficiency? Do you think sustainability will play a role in new innovations? How important is energy efficiency to you? Let us know what you think in your comments below.



Remember to follow @IntelITS for the latest on green technology and IT for data center efficiency!

Whether it’s a small business or enterprise level, mission critical software and big data are both very important factors in any organization. This year, Intel had some interesting discussions surrounding business continuity, mission critical and big data. In case you missed it, here is some of the best content on those topics from 2011.


We Read:


Breakthrough Server Innovations and Economics on New Xeon E7 series Servers by Pauline Nist


Benchmarks vs. the Real World: Reality Check by Pauline Nist


Some Big Data Needs Big Memory (and Big Processing) by Mitchell Shults


Mission Critical Solutions at IDF by Pauline Nist


We Watched


Intel’s Mission Critical General Manager Pauline Nist and Jim Totton, VP Platform Business Unit of Red Hat, talked about the collaboration and value Intel and Red Hat bring to enterprise mission critical computing.


Industry expert analysts and executives from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Intel commented on new data security challenges in Mission Critical Software Ecosystem Innovation.


Patrick Buddenbaum of Intel’s Mission Critical team and Richard Jackson, Colfax International Technical Director, explained the benefits of transitioning to Intel Xeon processors for mission critical business needs.


Intel’s Pauline Nist and Juan Loaiza, senior vice president of systems technology at Oracle, discussed the key features of the Xeon processor families that help make Oracle Exadata a world class mission-critical database machine. 


We Listened


Big Data expert Mitch Shults talked with Allyson Klein about the history and future of mission critical computing.


Allyson Klein and Pauline Nist chatted about mission critical technology and Itanium, recorded live from IDF 2011.



It’s been a big year for mission critical software and big data. What do you think the next year will bring? Let us know what you think, and comment below!



Remember to follow @IntelITS for all the latest on Itanium, business inteligence, enterprise solutions, and all things mission critical from Intel.

When you think of 2011 in the tech world, there tends to be a related supercomputing event attached. ISC 2011, Supercomputing 2011, IDF 2011…2011 was all about events, events, events!  This year was also full of big HPC events at Intel. We delivered the initial development units of MIC, and took part in the announcement of the 10-petaflop system in Texas. As 2012 approaches, let’s reminisce on some of the HPC & Supercomputing highlights of 2011:


We read:

Intel MIC Scores 1st Home Run with 10 Petaflop “Stampede” Supercomputer by Joe Curley


Supercomputing 2011 Day 2: Knights Corner shown at 1TF Per Socket by John Hengeveld


Supercomputing 2011: Monday - Intel and the Top500 by John Hengeveld


Accelerating Open Science Research: A Collaboration with TACC by John Hengeveld


High Performance Computing Around the World – The Wandering Geek by John Hengeveld


Linking Efficiency and Performance: Another Look at the Latest Top500 and Green500 by Winston Saunders


We Watched:

At the High Performance Computing mega-briefing at IDF 2011, we talked about Exascale High Performance Computing.


Intel’s Director of High Performance Computing, John Hengeveld discussed Intel’s innovations in High Performance Computing and Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture.


We Listened to:

Just in time for Supercomputing 2011, John Hengeveld and Joe Curley talked about how HPC affects our world and New High Performance Computing Capabilities on Intel Chip Chat.


At IDF2011, James Reinders of Intel’s software group talked about Parallel Programming for HPC and Linux.



As we close the chapter on one year of high performance computing, we look forward to what the future brings. What are your predictions for the next year? How will High Performance Computing evolve? Let us know what you think and comment!


Remember to follow @IntelITS for the latest on all things supercomputing & HPC from Intel!

Starting Sunday morning, SC11 is now in full swing!  We’re on the ground talking to the experts in supercomputing from Intel and around the industry.  You could say we’re a bit super charged for supercomputing this week! :-)




The Supercomputing conference is one of the largest HPC events in the United States and in the world with industry representatives, researchers from academia, and everyone in between gathered to share, show, and study the future of high performance computing.  And Intel Chip Chat is on scene to bring you the experts live!  You’ve got questions on HPC, cluster computing, and everything supercomputing - We’ve got the experts with the answers!


Who do we have?  How about: Jon Riley from NCMS; Brock Palen from MLDS; and Arch Robison, Debra Goldfarb, James Reinders, John Hengeveld, and Joe Curley from Intel; to name just few...


Tune in, turn on, tech out live Tuesday & Wednesday November 15/16 from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM


Get your questions in now, or live to @IntelChipChat or e-mail

download_arrow.pngStart your week right with the Data Center Download here in the Server Room!  This post wraps up everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud Builders Forum, and our Data Center Experts around the web.  This is your chance to catch up on all of the blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and interesting items shared via Twitter.



Here’s our wrap-up of the best of data center news in and around Intel for the last two weeks:



In the Blogs:

Steve Shaw Shared how to Improve Database Performance: Redo & Transaction Logs on Solid State Disks


Cory Klatik Shared videos on Building Cloud Infrastructure & Interoperability with Oracle & Canonical


Emily Hutson Shared the Small Business IT Tune-up: Contest Winner #3


Brian Yoshinaka Shared how we're Connecting Big Data in the Data Center


Bob Deutsche Discussed Cloud Computing Strategy: The Cloud is Not a Person, Place or Thing


Pauline Nist Shared her thoughts on IBM’s Information on Demand Conference - What happens in Vegas can come home with you!


Dylan Larson Shared A Platinum Idea from the Open Data Center Alliance


John Hengeveld Shared the The Hugo Rule and Exascale



Braodcasted Across the Web:


Chip Chat


Processor Instrumentation

Lynn Comp, director of software technologies initiatives talks about data center efficiency, specifically building instrumentation into the processor itself with technologies like Intel® Turbo Boost and Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager.


Intel Datacenter and Connected Systems Group Update

Kirk Skaugen, VP of DCSG, discusses unifying the datacenter group, managing big data and the growth of associated technologies like business analytics, Intel’s vision for an open standards-based cloud, and upcoming Intel® Xeon® processors.


Conversations in the Cloud


Microsoft’s Views on Taking App. Delivery to the Next Level with Cloud

Deepak Setty from Microsoft discusses the company’s cloud computing strategy - managing physical, virtualized and cloud computing-based servers to deliver applications seamlessly - as well as the state of adoption in APAC.


Canonical's Enterprise and Private Cloud Solutions

Prakash Advani stops by Day in the Cloud to talk about the 20,000 enterprise cloud deployments of Ubuntu, Canonical’s involvement with OpenStack, the Ubuntu management tool called Landscape, and the company’s personal cloud storage solution.




Intel Cloud Builders: RES Software & The Desktop in the Cloud


Intel Cloud Builders RA: Fujitsu and Building a Cloud Infrastructure


Intel Cloud Builders RA: Oracle & Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment


Intel Cloud Builders RA: Canonical & Cloud Computing Interoperability


NAS: Storage for Home and Small Office


In the Social Stream:


Dylan Larson

NYTimes: Big Data, Speed and the Future of


Dylan Larson via DataCenterArch

#DataCenter #News New IBM CEO Rometty Faces Treacherous Cloud Computing Services Transformation: New IBM CEO


John Hengeveld

RT @insideHPC: Just in: Steve Conway: GPU Momentum #HPC - Its about Usage... not technology


Allyson Klein

DatacenterDynamics | Cloud adoption accelerating says… via @AddThis


Allyson Klein via opendatacenter

@arstechnica quotes Frank Frankovsky saying Open Compute Project and ODCA have a "strategic alignment"


Allyson Klein

Not at the OCP event today? Here's some insight including comments on the Open Data Center…


Raejeanne Skillern via VanessaAlvarez1

For those who missed it, James Hamilton's preso from #Opencompute Summit #scale #datacenter


Winston Saunders

Top 12 Green IT users and vendors. Intel there. Kaiser Permante top user


Winston Saunders

IBM rolls out #solar array for #datacenter. And no it's not in Europe or the US. Bam!

The Intel Cloud Builders Program continues to expand new cloud reference architectures and new members frequently.  How can you keep up with all of the new items?  Where can you get a deeper dive on the new reference architectures posted by the likes of Oracle and Canonical?  Here in the Intel Cloud Builders Forum, of course!


Recently, Oracle and Canonical shared new discussions and demonstrations of their reference architectures on Channel Intel on YouTube.


In the video below, Oracle and Intel discuss the challenges that face organizations that deploy private cloud infrastructure in a secured environment, and how you can solve them.  You can learn more with the Oracle reference architecture.




Canonical also shared the details and a demonstration of their reference architecture with Channel Intel. In this video, Canonical and Intel discuss the challenges for organizations trying to build interoperability into their private cloud solution.  To learn more about Canonical, check out their Conversation in the Cloud on Private Cloud Solutions or their reference architecture.


Remember your first introduction to databases?  If you design and administer them it was probably how to make a system to organize your books or music.  For everyone else, it was probably the same…. We live in a world with expanding amounts of information and every day big data gets…bigger – exponentially at that.  Now is your chance to ask questions to the people who breathe big data, and dream about mission critical architectures.


Chip Chat Live On Air Sign

Source - Flickr User: katielips



Intel Chip Chat and host Allyson Klein will be broadcasting live from Oracle Open World on Monday October 3rd from 1:00 PM PDT to 3:45 PM PDT, and from 9:00 AM PDT to 11:45AM PDT on Tuesday, October 4th with business data and intelligence experts from Intel and Oracle.  Who? To start we have Tim Shetler, a VP from Oracle who will be discussing Exadata, and from Intel we will have Steve Shaw discussing database technologies, and the following day we will have our very own resident data center expert on mission critical technology Pauline Nist.



Want to know more?  Follow @IntelChipChat to get more details and to ask your questions to the experts live at Oracle Open World 2011!

It’s nearly October, and that means another fantastic IDF occurred!   Wait… how do I know, you ask?  Aside  from the great attendance in the data center technical sessions that covered everything  from cloud computing to HPC, I can tell by all of the great blogs, podcasts,  and videos that came out of IDF! We also received great questions from visitors  to the Data Center Pavilion on Intel  Cloud Builders. Here is your Data Center Download for IDF 2011:


Intel Developer Forum 2011 Event Photo


In the Blogs we read:


Data  Center Technology & Intel® Ethernet at the Intel Developer's Forum by Douglas Boom


Below  the Surface: My observations from the Road Less Travelled at IDF by Ajay Chandramouly


Open  Data Center Usage Models: Solution Providers Respond by Allyson Klein


Exascale  High Performance Computing Discussions at IDF 2011 by John Hengeveld


Cloud  Computing, Data Center, HPC, and Itanium @ IDF 2011: Briefing from Kirk Skaugen by Cory Klatik


Facebook  & Open Data Center Alliance: What’s not to love?  Or should I say “Like”? By Raejeanne Skillern


Simplifying  the Cloud On-Boarding Process… Securely a Guest Contribution


Next-Gen  Mission-Critical @ IDF: Oracle Exadata + Intel Xeon by Mitchell Shults


Cloud  On-Boarding – How to Ease Your Transition to the Cloud: from Citrix & Intel a Guest Contribution


Data  Center Efficiency & Facebook @ IDF11 - Node Manager Innovations by David Jenkins


Mission  Critical Solutions at IDF: Preview by Pauline Nist


On Intel Chip Chat, we listened to:


Cloud Computing  & Storage Technology with Reuven Cohen @ IDF2011


Mission  Critical Technology & Intel Live From IDF


IDF Livecast:  Intel® AppUp Small Business Service Update


IDF Livecast:  Storage Industry Update


IDF Livecast:  The Architecture of Cloud Computing


IDF Livecast:  Parallel Programming


On and Channel Intel, we watched:


Driving towards Cloud 2015 – A Technology Vision to Meet the ...  with Stephen S. Pawlowski


Intel  Data Center & Cloud Computing Briefing with Kirk Skaugen


Exascale  HPC Computing Discussion with John Hengeveld


Open  Data Center Alliance Usage Models Panel with ODCA Solution  Providers Representatives


Open  Data Center Alliance and Open Compute Project Announce Collaboration with ODCA, Intel, and Facebook OCP Representatives


In the social stream:


There was great online conversation surrounding IDF 2011 that you should see it in all of its  glory on Twitter.



What’s next?  Oracle Open World of  Course!  Did you know Allyson Klein will be there livecast  recording and taking your questions?   Learn more by following @IntelChipChat


To hear more about cloud computing, data center, HPC, and  mission critical technologies remember to follow @IntelXeon and checkout The  Server Room on Facebook.

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