Joe Natoli is the Director of ISV Applications as part of Intel’s Data Center Software division.  Joe leads technology development and go-to-market programs which combine Intel technology with partner platforms to create new and innovative solutions.  In his over a decade of work at Intel, Joe has held many roles including architect, engineering manager, and program manager.  When not working Joe enjoys his family, his dogs, martial arts, and the great outdoors of Arizona.



90 percent of the world's electronic data has been created in the last two years. Petabytes proliferate so fast that enterprises large and small grapple with the challenge of mastering or being buried by the data they need to make mission-critical decisions. To put enterprises back in control, Intel and MarkLogic have partnered to create a powerful solution that brings the Big Data processing power of the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH) together with the MarkLogic6 Enterprise NoSQL database.


Supports All Kinds of Data--Fast

MarkLogic makes sense of all data formats: books, texts, tweets, web, video, audio, contracts, emails, manuals, articles, click streams, log files and data formats that have yet to be invented. Combined with IDH’s open-source Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), MarkLogic enables enterprises to drill through and analyze data as is--turning it into actionable knowledge in a fraction of the usual time. This partnership gave Adriaan Bouten of McGraw-Hill and his team the power to perform critical text analytics on 1,300,000 articles in one hour--a process that used to consume five days.


Scalable for Enterprises Large and Small

Family-owned corner shops and world-wide enterprises alike need to get a handle on their data so they can use what matters now and set the rest aside for later. IDH provides massive data processing on clusters of computers, making it efficient on a large or small scale. This means growing enterprises have extra flexibility as their needs change because the system quickly and readily adapts. New nodes can be added without having to change how the data is formatted, loaded or written.


Reliable & Secure

Data is gold and enterprises live or die depending on its reliability and security. IDH’s Map Reduce system provides reliability and high performance by distributing jobs out to various nodes in small segments. Not only is the system fast, it is highly fault tolerant. If any particular piece fails, it is immediately reassigned and resolved on another node. Combined with multi-layer MarkLogic 6 Enterprise NoSQL database security, enterprises know their data is safe and constantly working for them. 


Powerful Capabilities Maximize Your Existing Assets with Low TCO

MarkLogic and Apache Hadoop combine to make it highly cost effective to get the most out of big data. Enterprises can use the hardware and IT assets they already have, and the learning curve is next to nil, which drastically reduces long, costly implementation schedules.


To Learn More

Please check out our in depth white paper on the Intel + MarkLogic integration here, or visit the IDH website to see how enterprises are already getting the most out of their slice of big data.


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