Well, I had another 'hallway' conversation with my colleague, Adam Mendoza, who is the Strategic Planner for Cloud Storage and I thought you would like to weigh in on our conversation.  The discussion we had was how do you effectively and efficiently store data so that it is always available and secure? Here is Adam's take...do you agree?


Is "Cold" data really cold?

The days when we declared data to be "dead" went out the window once legal discovery became the norm because of the "Enron incident". Fast forward and we get to the "tape is dead" timeframe and TCO actually indicates that this was one of those "just kidding" moments. Now all data is online, all considered important and we have all kinds of tiers of storage, including Cold Storage, that is used to store data using the lowest cost possible (and trading off performance).


Although it would be nice to actually determine the value of the data, emerging analytics techniques are making data value determination easier to consider - not necessarily to get rid of data but more along the lines of what data can be used for business decisions. So, just when we thought that we could put data in an on-line archive, sometimes called Cold Storage, that is designed around the lowest cost model available, we find that much more consideration needs to be made on leveraging the data, and that in turn may mean that you have to build a yet another tier. Maybe we should just build in the ability to conduct analytics on the cold storage platform because that's where your data is? Expect that this will continue to be an ongoing requirement and maybe, we can finally figure out what data really is important and confidently keep or delete it?


So what do you think - do you want the lowest cost possible storage that forces you to buy more tiers in order to extract data value or maybe we just build it in upfront? Just saying.