In today’s highly mobile world, users want to access corporate data from smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, and other devices. They want to get there via various access points, including those in unsecured public networks. And they want to create and access mountains of digital media content that needs to be stored securely.


How do you respond to these new storage needs? Look to the cloud. That’s a suggestion embodied in a new Intel video now available on YouTube. This animated Secure Cloud Storage video demonstrates how you can create secure, reliable private cloud storage with solutions from Intel, Oxygen Cloud, and EMC.  This forward-looking solution allows authorized users to access their data from a secure private cloud, regardless of their locations or the devices they are using.


To create the video animation, our production team reproduced a reference architecture environment in a lab setting. Our setup consisted of a single Intel® Xeon® processor-equipped server running VMware vSphere® 4.0, EMC Atmos™ Evaluation Edition, and Oxygen Cloud® Storage Connector.


The animation highlights the capabilities of the solution components and walks through a step-by-step configuration process that culminates in the deployment of a robust private cloud storage environment. In the final step in the demo, the Oxygen client is installed on a Windows 7 Professional virtual machine and configured for a user’s credentials. When the user logs in, the Oxygen Cloud space appears as another drive in Windows Explorer. The user can then perform file operations—such as creating and copying files—in the newly created cloud storage space.


Like that, you’ve got a highly scalable solution for dealing with ever-growing amounts of digital data generated by tech-savvy users. For a closer look at all of this, grab a seat and watch the demo on YouTube. In just 18 minutes, you will get a firsthand look at how easy it can be to weave cloud storage into your IT mix.


And for an even deeper dive, you can review the details of the cloud storage reference architecture on the Intel Cloud Builders site. Check out the the Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: EMC, Intel, and Oxygen Cloud reference architecture.