When Intel launches a new product have you ever wondered what happens in our own IT shop?  We actually do testing and look for things like increased performance, energy efficiency, and total cost of ownership. Check out what we have tested and our findings around the newest server….does it apply to you and your environment?


Selecting Server Processors to Reduce Total Cost Read about Intel IT’s analysis that has led them to standardize on high-end processors for two-socket servers for design computing and enterprise server virtualization.  Intel IT analysis includes performance and TCO comparisons of servers based on low- and high-end processors in the Intel® Xeon processor 5500 series


Improving EDA Batch Application Performance Read the results of Intel IT’s joint performance assessment with Synopsys of the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series running Synopsys applications for silicon design. Results show up to 13.14x improved performance over single-core processors for simulation workloads, and up to11.39x improved performance for OPC workloads.  In addition, the analysis shows that one server based on the new processors can replace up to 13 servers based on single-core processors for electronic design automation simulation workloads, and up to 11 for OPC workloads.


Faster Chip Design with Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series Learn about Intel IT’s test results of the Intel® Xeon processor 5500 series that show significantly higher performance for both 64- and 32-bit electronic design automation (EDA) applications over 64-bit Intel Xeon processors with a single core.  Up to 3.77x performance improvement for a single-threaded job; 4.98x for a multi-threaded job; and up to 11.39x throughput improvement for distributed jobs.