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Last week I was talking to my wife about her 2 year old laptop as she likes to remind me how slow it runs. I picked it up (it's a super heavy laptop) and realized after spending 20 mins working on it that it was so out of date it was slowing her down.  I went to work the next day, remembering what I saw at TechED and pulled the trigger on a new laptop for her.  I was thinking what could make it both faster and cooler to carry in her job.   While mobility is key, having something that has multiple function would be great, and then boom I thought what if I just get her a new Lenovo Yoga 2 (consumer version) that is pretty close to what I showed at TechEd. So.. I did and let's just say that we are both excited for the new convertible to arrive this week. So how does this relate to Migration Monday? Well...Today's a good day to start thinking about migrating to new HW/OS and leverage the new capabilities for your business and your customers.


Here's a quick update on our activities. Over the last two months the team at SMBNation has been on the road visiting cities around the world and showcasing our Modern hardware with a Modern OS ( One thing we decided as a team is that we would start a webinar series in June to talk more about the new platforms and help educate. Please check back for more information


Happy Monday


Josh H

I spent last week at Microsoft TechEd in Houston, Texas talking about our great new devices and the usages that really show off the devices. One area that really hit me was around the usage of tablets and the comments I heard. Here are a few of the highlights that I took away from the show:


  • Tablets are great companion devices to add to the mix – why?  
    • When utilizing both a tablet and a desktop you can have the freedom to know that you can still access your email when you are on the go. What I enjoyed talking about is content creation vs. content consumption mode.   Creating is something you do with the keyboard and consuming is done with the tablet.  


  • Impressed by the new processors (Atom) -
    • What resonated from the crowd is that we are running a full version of windows on a tablet and the performance was really good.  I heard this over and over again. 


  • Graphics on tablets are looking crisp -
    • What I heard is that in comparison to the past tablets the graphics were stunning now and I agree.  It was amazing to see the level of resolution and crisp screen.  


As your exploring your Migration Monday plan, how would you look at adding tablets to your business to help drive productivity, efficiency and overall connectivity with your employees?


I’d like to also leave you with this great video on Tablets for Biz.




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You know how it is, you go all weekend using your laptop off/on and you come in on Monday to attend your first meeting, then the battery gauge shows “X” in red.   You then remember you didn’t charge it.  You know this experience?  Well it’s Monday let’s not let the opportunity go without thinking about taking the next step in moving to modern hardware with killer battery life. You can see the stats throughout Intel’s site on battery life comparison and you can also see different form factors that also have different battery stats.   


As I was out exploring the Intel website, I found a great advisor tool on defining which system may be right for your business.   It’s worth a quick glance, go through the selection and see what it says.  You may be surprised!


Happy Monday and let me know if you have any questions.


Josh H

Happy Monday.  As I was driving in this morning to the plant I was thinking about my first laptop back in the 90's. I had just migrated from a 486 tower that my local IT team built for me to a new laptop, in which the modem was external, screen was tiny.  However, what I remember the most is that my choice was one laptop (period), there was no choice in brand, hardware config, options, etc. I remember being so excited to jump on a plane with my laptop and be mobile, but yet I was still wanting more speed, capability, lighter...


On this Migration Monday, I'd like to give up the latest in our device comparison guide.



It's Monday morning, it's a great time to think about moving off of XP to a newer OS.  This move may even mean taking an exciting leap to a tablet or other mobile ready device.


Josh H


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True story, doing a migration of your PC on a Monday would not be the best way to start your week, but Mondays are always great days to start planning your migration to a new PC.  Let's start by looking at a typical day, you have 86,400 seconds every day, what if you could spend them being more productive?  Spend less time waiting and spend more time on creating content for your business?  Over the last few months, I have been watching the clock countdown to April 8th,  the EOS of XP and started to ask " are you ready? ".  Now personally I'm on a Windows 8, Detachable 2in1 which has blown my mind for giving me a tablet and a laptop all together.  Let's get back to the subject at hand.


First thing I would do on a Migration Monday would be to explore what the difference is between what you have today vs. what is available.  Now this isn't just a Power & Performance discussion, this is about all the cool form factors that are in the market.  Let me offer up this --




Read the full report.


I hope you join me every Monday to talk about Migration and what you are doing to move your business forward.  Until then..


Josh Hilliker

David Hammond (Intel) shows us the Intel WiMAX enable smart car and some of the cool features.



Hi all,


We in the vPro Expert Center are looking for folks that would like to do an internship with Intel over the fall session.  We have posted a job @  Search for requisition # 559370. 


Here's the brief description:

The internship is based in Folsom, CA or Hillsboro, OR, and would be focused on social media related to the Intel social media sites on In this position, you will primarily focus around the following areas blog radio show, the Emerging Compute Model Forum, the vPro Expert Center, and the Server Room. A successful internship would involve regular participate in the community blog sites, creating content and collateral for the various communities, and deeply engaged with the radio show. We would expect a successful intern to be able to grasp the details of where Intel is going with the technologies covered by the community sites, and communicate the direction to the outside world.


If you have questions email me, blog me, twitter me, etc.. 


Great video on a bunch of us getting together & talking.



Here at IDF, Intel is training how to use Intel AMT.  Matt Royer explains how they are making this happen.



We're out at IDF - if you find us we'll get you a free shirt on OPEN PORT. 

Here's a quick video of Todd talking about blogging on the vPro Expert Center.   Check it out. 


Hi All, the time is coming for our IDF (Intel Developers Forum) in San Francisco. One of the courses that Kenny Chan & myself will be teaching is as follows:  Pro Platform Interoperability and Integration – Are You Pro Ready?  The course is focused on what End Users, ISV's & developers can do to make Interoperability & Integration a snap.  


I will also be joining up with Bob Duffy & Ken Kaplan to help work the technology for the IT Panel on Social Media.  I think this session is going to be great forum for discussing what Intel is doing on social media both internally & externally.  I have high expectations for this session. 


If you anybody from the Open Port / Intel(r) vPro(tm) Expert Center is going to be at IDF please let me know.   We were kicking around having an unconference during the venue to get together with fellow bloggers & talk anything from social media to client manageability technology.  


Also, Bob Duffy & I will be hitting the road this week to SF to join up w/ the Office 2.0 conference.  We're both pretty jazzed about the experience & also hearing from the presenters & break out sessions. If you haven't checked it out..


If you happen to be at this venue.. look us up..  we'll be on the panel on Friday.  I will also be bringing my HD Camera to record the journey.. Stay tuned for video.. 



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