It’s the season when we seek out our Valentine's and make February 14th a special day in our lives with our “significant others.” What we do and experience punctuates our relationship. It brings into focus characteristics that are unique to the partnership in question. Such partnerships are not unique to our personal lives. They matter in the corporate world as well, across various Enterprise IT domains. Even global enterprises strike partnerships, which make it all relevant to the next generation of innovators. Having played various roles across Enterprise IT, I wonder who I should approach to be my “Work Valentine.” In the quest of a response to this question, join me as I walk through the New Style of Partnerships that aptly position competitive enterprises of tomorrow.



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1. Business & IT. This may very well be the mother of all

partnerships. This alignment must be in the DNA of the enterprise, which is why it’s no surprise that CIOs are so done with alignment! It is second nature to them now; showing all the mature signs of a well-honed relationship over the years.

2. CIO & CMO. CIOs must have a System of Engagement with the CMOs – a relationship that would enable predictive analytics to drive systemic automation through an enterprise.


3. Data & Information. I can almost hear the voice of Big Data whispering: “Hello, Information! Want to be my Valentine? Let’s get the big picture

4. Wearables & Smartphones. Wearables and smartphones are companions, or so John Dodge relates in this ECIO Forum post. He explains how wearable technology can change the smartphone as we know it.

5. HP & Intel. New Style Partnerships, such as the one between HP and Intel, extend across enterprises innovating education for the next generation.

Intrigued by all these partnerships at play in my workplace, I finally zeroed in on who my “Work Valentine” would be: Enterprise IT!

“Hello, Enterprise IT: Will you be Valentine?”

Hypothetically, in today’s world, if Enterprise IT were my Valentine:

Dressed up in an attire replete with wearables, I would have picked Enterprise IT up at 7 PM on Valentine’s Day in the Mobility Limousine for dinner at the Enterprise Transformation Hotel on the Converged Cloud in Secure City where Big Data would be served up in the Innovation Suite where little Edison will keep us entertained.

But Enterprise IT is not a person …

So, on Valentine’s Day, I will have an old style, candle-lit dinner with the only person who makes it all real for me every day – my dear wife.


Nothing hypothetical about that!

How about you? What are other partnerships that make it relevant to Enterprise IT? Please let me know.

And while you are at it – Let me wish you, Intel and HP, a very happy Valentine’s Day.



E.G. Nadhan is an HP Distinguished Technologist with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry delivering solutions in distributed environments.

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