Earlier this week, I attended the Intel Sales and Marketing Conference, participating on CIO panels and other activities with our business units and sales teams. I was extremely pleased to see our global sales professionals and corporate marketing teams snapping up the newly released print version of the 21012-13 Intel IT Annual Performance Report at the IT@Intel booth.  My organization produces this report, which gets translated into 7 languages, to share how our IT strategies and solutions are delivering business value back to Intel.


Our mission in Intel IT is to “Grow Intel’s business through information technology.” This year’s IT annual report provides insights into our key IT initiatives that are providing value to Intel from big data and analytics, cloud computing and IT Consumerization to social computing and enterprise security. A few highlights from the report are included in the image below.



I encourage you to download the report and share your feedback and experiences.


My team doesn’t rest on its laurels. We continue to align the future of our IT organization with Intel’s vision for 2013 and beyond.  Adopting touch-base devices and applications, implementing a single CRM system, and ensuring our new businesses have complete IT systems are just a few of our priorities that my team and I will be delivering and  blogging about over the course of the year. We want your feedback and to hear what you are doing to drive IT business value.


To find out more about our 2013 imperatives, watch my video “Accelerating Intel’s growth through IT:  Intel IT’s 2013 priorities.” I’d love to hear more from you @kimsstevenson on Twitter.