Chris wrote about the evolution of social computing at Intel in last few years, I would like to add to his post and share how we fared on Enterprise 2.0 in 2011.


In 2011, we saw a jump of 64% in using the enterprise 2.0 platform. Almost all visited the platform at least once, and 30K+ users actively contributed content. Another significant achievement was the use of the platform more for the business purpose than just socially connecting. It was demonstrated by the fact, out of the top 10 most active groups, 7 were related to work. We saw communities helping each other on technical issues, without having to go to the service desk.


We also added a few capabilities like Enterprise RSS and Enterprise Video Platform (pilot) to make the platform more complete. Social bookmarking was another feature we encouraged employees to use for knowledge management.


One of the challenges we faced is still the social computing matrix of 1-9-99, i.e. when 1 person writes a post, 9 persons reply to it, and 99 just view the content and do not respond. On our platform, there were many users creating content, and the viewership has also been impressive (9+ Million page-views in 2011). However,  there was less participation in the discussions by commenting and replying to the original content. This is an area we plan to focus on to improve effectiveness of the platform as a communication and collaboration capability


To increase the use of the platform for true collaboration, we are trying to build a pool of Enterprise 2.0 champions. These champions, who would be volunteers and passionate about Enterprise 2.0 are expected to be adept in using the Enterprise 2.0 tools and help others build the expertise – similar to train the trainers exercise. The idea is to provide tools and trainings to the champions, so that they encourage other employees to use the platform for the business needs and participate more in the group discussions.


We are expecting Enterprise 2.0 champions proliferate Enterprise 2.0 tools by identifying "Enterprise 2.0 patterns" and "anti-patterns" so that the business groups can model the workflow that is optimized for their business needs. We are planning to have a face-to-face event where the volunteers get together and share their success stories and pain points. We would like to we make 2012 truly the year of E2.0 champions!

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