Earlier this year harmon.ie produced a list of the most socially active group of CIOs in the Fortune 250 and Global 250.  It was shocking to me that only 10% of the Fortune 250 CIOs are themselves social.  Shocking because we have entered a new era of computing where social connectivity is crucial to a company’s brand awareness, cultivating influencers and ultimately reaching the consumer.   Not only are our customers moving in this direction, social networking is completely changing the way knowledge is shared and empowering the masses with knowledge that was once held by a select few.  Our key assets as an IT organization are knowledge, innovation and influence.  It is not easy to find the right information or the knowledgeable person in a big company like Intel.


In just a few short weeks on Twitter, I’ve seen how easy it is to quickly gain key insights and apply only what is most relevant to me.  Innovation is also changing with more and more innovation coming from crowdsourcing. Quirky, founded in 2009, has created hundreds of successful products all crowd sourced.  Two new products a week is the velocity enabled by empowering the masses.  Who is influencing is changing, no longer is the person with the big title the key influencer in a community.  The crowd has usurped this role. Thus, I conclude we all need to become social.


Being a new CIO, I made a commitment to myself that I would be a part of the 10% and bring many IT professionals along with me.  Join me in this journey.  We may have a lot to learn but it will be worth the effort if we’re successful in achieving and maintaining our company’s competitive edge.


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