The usage of social computing in the enterprise is moving beyond employee communications and professional networking to areas that have a more direct bearing on organizational output. As corporations move to the next level of maturity with their E2.0 implementations, the focus on using social tools to get work done is increasing.


I would like to share with you today, some thoughts on where I see us putting our E2.0 tools to work.


Social Help Desks

Our internal support desks are gearing up to add discussion forums to the list of ways an employee can get their support needs addressed. In addition to usual channels such as phones and online chat, users can report issues and outages to these forums. Users experiencing similar disruptions can now avoid duplicate reporting, and instead help isolate and resolve issues by providing incremental information. In addition to designated support personnel, the community can pitch in and guide a user on how to resolve their issue. If done right, this model can significantly drive down support costs.


Project management and execution

Social tools have made their way into a project manager’s tool set. Status reports and announcements are made via blog posts. Wikis are the best known method for collaborative authoring and are fast replacing project documents. At Intel, we have secured our wiki to enable even Restricted and Top Secret content, thereby making it a safe repository for sensitive information. Shared bookmarks and RSS feeds help project teams to stay updated on the latest and relevant information. The most powerful advantage of going social is - one version of the truth.


Employee Productivity

The contribution of E2.0  to improving employee productivity has been notable. Time spent on searching for information, expertise and resources is cut down significantly when an enterprise social platform gains reaches the critical level of adoption.


Do your social tools 'work' for you? Share your story about how E2.0 is making it easy for your organization to get work done.