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With the fast pace of the changing technology landscape and new usage models such as Cloud Computing,  IT Consumerization, and social computing security remains one of the highest priorities for IT. I decided to sit down with Intel’s CISO, Malcolm Harkins and ask his perspective on these various security challenges.


I got Malcolm’s thoughts: security and the cloud, security and IT Consumerization, security and social media, how Intel IT is ‘rethinking’ their security architecture to support all these new models and finally, what does he mean when he talks about the greatest security challenge is the misperception of risk.


Take a look at each of these very short (~1 minute) videos. The first one embedded here is security and cloud computing. I will release the other topics during the month of May. I hope you will comment and give your perspective on these topics and let us know what your IT organization is doing to enable these new usage models. I look forward to the discussion! And since I’m asking, what other security topics would you like to ask Intel IT?


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