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A colleague of mine has developed a webast series that enables you to discover the IT Best Practices used by Intel’s own IT organization as they apply the latest Data Center innovations and technologies aimed at facilitating business growth with increasing energy efficiency, agility and business value while reducing costs and carbon footprint.


Through this Data Center webcast series, Intel IT shares its experience and lessons learned for IT Sustainability and Data Center Efficiency that are driving dramatic business results – from cloud computing and virtualization, to the newest facilities innovations and the value of proactive server refresh.  Two webcasts are available now for viewing, with new webcasts coming soon.


  • Now AvailableInnovative IT:  Architecting for the Cloud – Discover how Intel IT is approaching its cloud computing strategy and insights into an approach that would work best for your organization.

  • Now AvailableImplementing and Expanding a Virtualized Environment --  Intel IT's experiences and best practices with virtualization from 2005—when we began planning, engineering, and implementing a virtualized environment—to present day as we accelerate our virtualization efforts toward the continued development of our enterprise private cloud.


  • Coming July 21, 10-11 a.m. PST:  ‘Server Refresh’ Register Today

  • Coming July 28, 10-11 a.m. PST: ‘Intel IT’s Data Center Strategy’  Register Today


Look forward to seeing you there. Chris

Recently, CIO Magazine ran a short "Practice Makes Perfect" article about the Intel IT Cloud Computing strategy.


If you'd like to learn more, I invite you to listen to a replay of a free IT webinar on the Intel IT Cloud Computing strategy.  In this webinar, I will share how we leveraged early virtualization efforts, a successful proactive server refresh strategy and our background in Grid Computing to build an Enterprise Private Cloud.  Intel has established an aggressive virtualization investment strategy for the next two years as we implement our cloud strategy. We will share how our Cloud approach allows us to reduce service provisioning time to a matter of hours, achieve higher economies of scale, and enable our business to benefit from the many key attributes of a public cloud but with the security and regulatory controls in place for an global enterprise.


Don't have time to watch the webcast, dowload the Intel IT paper titled "An Enterprise Private Cloud Architecture and Implementation Roadmap" or search our other cloud papers at


I hope you find this information useful.


To learn more about the IT@Intel program, where we share our IT Best Practices as we create business value and a competitve advantage for our business.





The Intel Open Port Scavenger Hunt has winners!

Congratulations to all who played and tested how much you knew about server technology!


As a key online resource for  IT professionals seeking advice at all stages of the IT decision making  process, the Intel Open Port Scavenger Hunt tested knowledge of server virtualization, remote management, and Intel vPro technology.


Aguacer0 has hit a lucky streak, taking home the grand prize of the Dell Precision T7500 Tower Workstation Desktop Computer with the Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor.

Carlosdl goes home the winner of a $100 Gift  Card.

jmorris74 takes the $50 Gift Card.

labnuke99 won the $25 Gift Card.


Thanks to the IT Exchange Community for a fun scavenger hunt partnership!

A couple weeks ago, I attended an internal training session for Intel IT employees that focused on business process innovation and efficiency.  The goal of the session was to increase the focus on organizational efficiency by raising awareness of IT employees, targeting the tools and techniques we use every day.  As the class dove into its agenda, I was questioning the value of the class and specifically my time in class.  I naturally thought about all the work that was piling up in the office and how this class was not helping me do my job, but rather hindering it.

Bottom Line, I was a skeptic regarding its value to me.


In hindsight, I  initially missed the big picture and strategic value of this training.  What got me back on track was when the instructor posed a question that made me stop and take notice … and it has had me thinking constantly since.  The focus of the question was on the role of IT.


Is Information Technology a "value-add" activity to the business or is it "necessary waste"?  The business process terminology we were using in the class forced the role of IT into the "necessary waste" category.  This does not and did not sit well with me.  After all, the mission/role of the Intel IT team is create business value for the corporation and our vision is to make IT a competitive advantage for Intel.  How can we do that if we view ourselves as “necessary waste”.

Having pondered this question now for nearly two weeks, I've reached my "ah-ha" moment. This class was a strategic way for CIO staff to get the entire IT organization to think differently about ourselves (and our mission), by giving us the tools and a common framework to challenge the things we do every day … all with an eye towards improving our alignment and support of the business.  The focus was not to improve execution to any individual project or initiative that I'm working on today, but rather to instill a culture of IT innovation that is aimed at improving core capabilities, like IT efficiency, business agility, and building robust IT-business partnerships.


I have to admit, that sometimes seeing the forest through the trees is hard to do.  When I did open my eyes, I did not have to go far to see IT best practice examples of business process re-engineering efforts that have already delivered some pretty compelling results for Intel.


So, once a skeptic, I'm now a believer in "Triple E in IT". I’m curious - what does your organization do to promote IT efficiency and effectiveness?




On June 13-15, IDC and IDG Enterprise is hosting the Cloud Leadership Forum at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.


This multi-day forum brings together a collection of  early cloud adopters and industry experts at the IDC / IDG Cloud Leadership Forum to discuss those key issues and more, at the first conference where enterprise IT and industry leaders will hash out the complexities and realities of incorporating cloud concepts and technologies into IT strategy and infrastructure.


Kumud Srinivasan, Vice President, IT & General Manager, IT Engineering, Intel Corporation will join John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise,and some other senior IT leaders in a CIO Panel titled "Preparing Your IT Organization for the Cloud" on June 15 at 10:15am.


The Intel IT team looks forward to sharing why Intel IT has embraced cloud computing, developed an cloud strategy that is based on business value creation and how we are implementing today and evolving over time.


Join Kumud next week or check out the IT@Intel Cloud Computing papers here or ask a question below - I'd be happy to answer it.






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