Last year Intel announced the ultra mobile PC using Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor N270 (1.60GHz) . I commented on its particular incarnation as the Purse PC. I was holding my breath waiting for this to come out. The designer PC is here. I first saw it in a major luxury retailer’s catalog and then in a magazine ad. It is designed by Vivienne Tam and is adorned with large pink and orange chrysanthemums.




Men, don’t stop reading here. It’s your chance to buy your significant other a piece of electronic equipment as a gift and get away with it!




I am still waiting for one by one of my favorite designers, something that is iridescent black with contrasting corners, or pinstripes, or white on white damask…or…retro. We need variety to create market mass and user identity differentiation. But I think the floral treatment is a good start. It is beautiful.




And...for the security minded, who the heck is going to steal this thing from you in an airport?




“Pardon me, I believe that is my Vivienne Tam PC you are carrying underneath your trenchcoat. I am sure it was just a mistake that you confused it with your black standard-sized notebook.”




The ideal theft-proofing will be the DIY design-your-own PC skin at the vendor website, using a host of design elements and color, spray paint effects, etc., all baked in of course. That screams: “This is not my Dad!” via remote control. You saw it here.




Next question: what are people putting on their purse PCs. I have to know! And what is the demographic? Click for some clues. The purse PC does have a matching carrying case, and couture dress, if you can afford it. But I notice that on another site someone complained that there was no mirror on it. Possible new graphics app: Mirrorware. Hmmm.