This blog post comes to us from Chuck Freedman, Director of Vertical Insights here at Mashery. You can follow him on Twitter at @chuckstar.

Mashery backs our industry-leading API management tools with unparalleled support and services to help our customers’ platforms grow. Our team of CPSMs (Customer Program Success Managers) are part of the front lines of a fleet of Customer Success team members, including TSS (Technical Support Services) and CSMs (Customer Support Managers) and available other professional services, dedicated to nurturing and expanding our customers’ API programs.


After a decade driving success with APIs and over a year with Mashery’s remarkable Strategy Services team, I recently joined our Customer Success team to head up Vertical Insights.  In this role, new to Mashery, I am leading our team to take a strategic approach gathering deep knowledge of API success, best practices and opportunity within specific customer industries.


Starting with Travel and Healthcare, and working with organizations across our company, we are centralizing and sharing knowledge with customers to help them grow valuable and competitive API programs within their industry. This exceptional level of support, much like the course of our Strategy Service engagements, dives deep into industry analysis while pooling understanding of how Mashery solutions are maximizing potential throughout our customer network.


Insights into Travel will provide our customers across vertical segments including suppliers (hotels and airlines), OTAs, GDSs and others guidance on using Mashery portal and reporting tools to attract partners and evaluate API usage. A prime example is key messaging for API programs to generate adoption and innovation among the industries leading and emerging applications, like Room77 hotel search. Recognizing need for increased revenue through direct bookings allows us to enhance solutions and support to meet these goals for our customers.


Healthcare represents one of the most growing industries for APIs. Our existing customers, many of whom offer complimenting services to the industry and each other, have tremendous potential with use of our tools. Insights are yielding best practices for establishing pre-packaged usage of data primed for evaluation, testing and then production use across apps and devices. Using a feature we call Packager, our customers can easily create these usage tiers and manage developer keys as they are requested and approved through the Mashery-powered developer portal.


We continue to gather information through conversation and research. Attending and participating in events, like the travel industry’s PhoCusWright conference and the mHealth Summit for Healthcare innovators, is another way we are gathering insights and meeting key industry companies. Our new customer roundtable format, led by our Community director Lorinda Brandon is a newer and effective model to collect and share knowledge with customers.


Additionally, we talk with innovators throughout our vast developer network. An incredible asset, they provide insight as to how customers can best deliver data and services to them through Mashery powered APIs.


Our team is here and dedicated to customer support. Customers are invited to talk with us, inquire about best practices and share knowledge on how Mashery solutions are and can work best for them. As we expand this Vertical Insights effort deeper into Travel, Healthcare and to other industries, I look forward to working directly with our incredible network of iconic companies to expand API programs and drive platform success.