Did you catch the premier episode of Transform IT, with Charles Lee?

I hope so because I think that he laid out a great challenge for you, if you choose to accept it.


As I closed the show, I tried to summarize what Charles challenged us to do:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.39.27 AM.png

To be bold, but to maintain balance.

To be ambitious, but to not lose our soul in the process.

And most of all, to take action right now. To not over analyze, to not wait, but to step forward and act.


I think that it is profound in its simplicity. But being simple does not make this easy.


What I think that he was really talking about is finding balance. That you need to be willing to "jump into the deep end of the pool" - to step out and take the risks that make sense - but that you also shouldn't just jump into any and every pool.


More than anything else, Charles challenged us to act now and to not wait. I asked you to go ahead and identify the action that you would take tomorrow to respond to Charles' challenge. Did you do it? Did you tweet it as part of the Twitter Chat? Did you post it in the show comments?


If not, I promise you that taking that first action, that first step, is the most important. In fact, you might consider it your first act of boldness. So don't be afraid. Instead, be bold. Tell the world what pool you will be diving into - the action that you're going to take right now to take your first steps on your own transformational journey.


There is no right or wrong answer. The only way that you can fail at this is by not doing it. So be bold. Take action. And then follow it through. Tell us what it is and encourage others to do the same. You'll be glad you did.


Don’t forget to join us on September 30 when I talk with Ray Noonan, CEO of Cogent Ltd. In the process of resurrecting his company he has taken collaboration to all new levels. You might call it “Collaboration as a Business Model” and I think that you’ll find that his story has some important lessons for you as an IT leader. Register today, you won’t want to miss it.


Note: If you missed the first episode at “air time", not to worry. You can watch it on-demand here.


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