Regular readers will no doubt know that we love 2-in-1 devices in the classroom. At last month’s Scottish Learning Festival we shared a stand with Tablet Academy Scotland and took a camera along to see what the festival goers thought of them.



Clare from South Lanarkshire told us how easy-to-use and versatile the devices are. She said her daughter particularly likes using the Fresh Paint app which has specifically been developed by Microsoft for its Windows touch screen devices. She also commented about how well the devices work with Glow – Scotland’s nationally available digital learning environment.


We spoke to pupils from Dunnoon Primary School, who won this year’s Kodu Kup – Microsoft’s national game creation competitions for schools. All three pupils agreed that the keyboard was a vital accessory for coding. So don’t take our word that 2-in-1s are great for schools – take it from the next generation of game gurus. They said they liked the fact you could use it as both a laptop and a tablet (hence the name 2-in-1) so it’s good for serious desk based work, or as a tablet if you want to break out of the classroom.


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