I have W10 with a 4690K and a MSI Z97 gaming 6 board. When I try to install the intel extreme tuning utility ver the installation fails and I get this message. service intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility Service (XTU3SERVICE) could not be installed. verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services. How do I fix this error??
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HI I am finding some spec of E30307-001 cooler. but I could not find it. so plz help me out. There is a lot of spec about D60188-001 in intel manual. buy i dont want that. I need E30307-001 spec…
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Hi there,   I have been struggling in the past few days trying to get the XDK IoT to work with my Galileo board. I have flashed the SD card with the latest XDK IoT image and I get serial and…
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Hi, are there any example for implement a interrupt service Routine?? Brian Dahl
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The doc mentions the following, "Arduino pin 7 can sometimes negatively impact the WiFi capability, if using WiFi avoid using this pin"   Is there more details to why is that the case? Our current…
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I guess my coworker played with fast boot, but he do not know for sure.   I tried power button three beeps - no help. Black screen. Tried jumper off for BIOS refreshing. Nothing.   NUC is connected…
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I am using an Inspiron 1535 laptop. It loses the internet connection whenever I physically move the computer. Brand new Netgear modem and router (signal is strong). Anyone else experiencing this?
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I need to download two chipest software to my computer , but can't find it

1. P35  For Windows 7 64 bit
2. Q43  For Vista 32bit
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Hi,   Im trying to set period for pwm pin using period_us.I find its not taking value 500 microseconds or below that. I need to genrate a pwm with resolution of 30 microseconds. Could anyone pleas…
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