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At the sdk page noted the path where I can take a marker image sample.   But I cannot find it anywhere. Is it missed? Or where I need to take a look?   Thanks in advance!
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Hi all, hope you can help. I have an i5 750@2.67GHz four cores.  When I look up the status of the cores it shows that all 4 cores are running pretty much exactly the same processing amount.   I not… (Show more)
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I have an Acer Aspire V Nitro with an integrated SR300 i7 6700 HQ - 16GB DDR4 - NVIDIA 960M   I had to uninstall both the DCM and the SDK but now the DCM won't reinstall.   The windows update… (Show more)
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Hello sir , i'm working on GSM 900A shield which needs 12v power supply, and the shield has pin connection for Vin so that shield takes 12v from arduino board.   in Arduino uno/mega board shield… (Show more)
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------------------ The good news:   the latest Intel Graphics Card beta fixes the graphic issues on Skyrim Special Edition.   ---------------- The bad news:   in-game audio does not work on… (Show more)
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Today I made my first attempt at getting my Intel Galileo(Gen 2) set up. Hard finding a startup-guide,  but I believe I have followed the steps accordingly :   1.) Download and install file… (Show more)
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a uwp software called "hello,tv" that i get it from windows 10 app store. i update hd4600 driver to, it will black screen 2 or 3 seconds when i play some tv programme and switch it… (Show more)
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PC: Thinkpad x220 OS: windows 7 64bit sp1 Adapter: Intel Wireless AC 7260, driver version Adapter: Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter ============================================… (Show more)
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