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Having a problem with this driver causing Chrome to freeze when playing YouTube videos using HTML5. System is:   Windows 8.1 64-bit Chrome 43.0.2357.81 64-bit (not the more common 32-bit version)…
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Hello!   I was on the latest Windows 10 build ( 10162 ) and couldn't install XTU ( getting a privileges error ). When will XTU be supported on Windows 10 ? I need it to fix my overheating i7 4790k.…
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Hi all,   I'm trying to connect my new 730 SSD to my laptop via a USB-to-SATA III cable to image my current hard drive before I swap them out, but the official imaging software refuses to install as…
in Solid State Drives
Hello everyone,   I've successfully written a script that runs automatically as soon as I boot my Intel Edison Mini Breakout board and enter my username and password. Now I want to run that same…
in Intel(r) Edison
S my pc has a core it 2500k 3,3ghz since june 2011. Gpus is  GTX 970 G1 GAMING and 12 gb ram. I use my px mainly foe gaming but i am also a programmaer. While current games can still run at max…
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Hello, I am currently using the DVFS technique to perform computational sprinting for applications. It is essential though, to know the power consumption for each frequency configuration of my…
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Hello everyone,   In the past couple of days I was trying to connect Colors shield (Colors Shield - Arduino RGB LED Matrix driver shield)  with Intel Galileo gen 2. At first I thought I needed to…
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Hi I got my compute stick yesterday. I hooked it up and everything loaded up fine, but there was no audio from my Vizio P652ui-B2.   Windows recognizes the TV as the audio device when you drill…
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I just wanted to report an issue with the 7260 driver. It isn't that big of a deal, but I thought others should know about it.   After I stop playing audio through the Bluetooth device for approx.…
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