Hi   I have just bought my first Intel NUC the NUC5I3RYK to be specific. But i have unfortunately found out that the ir receiver aren't working out of the box. I have tried with Openelec 5.0.   I…
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Had one hard drive fail. It was a Seagate ST3250310AS. I replaced both old discs with Seagate ST3250310CS discs. Now, I get iaStor timeout errors in Win 2003 (event 9) right after the SQL server does…
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Hi guys, I just finished writing a tutorial about how to setup Qt Creator to use it along with CMake to develop for the Intel Edison remotely. I did this because I prefer Qt Creator over Eclipse,…
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So I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and cannot seem to get Wi-Di working again to save my life.  It worked fine in Windows 8, but not 8.1.  Here are the vital statistics   Processor: Core i5-4200U…
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Hello everyone,   Has anyone tried to create a Debian image for the Edison yet? I understand that this should be easier to create than the Galileo one due to the fact that the Edison is Atom-based.…
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I'm unable to install the drivers for desktop board DH87MC with windows server 2008. Windows didn't install drivers automatically and even the dvd with product can't solve the issue too. I've tried…
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Does anyone know what are the benefits of installing the Intel drivers for Bluetooth vs just going with the stock Microsoft drivers included in Windows 8.1? To simplify our image deployment process,…
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Can any one explain me what exactly does pcie bifurcation means?
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