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I have purchased Windows 8 Pro in October 2012 (at its launch) and haven't installed it until now. I have just built a custom PC with an Intel 600p SSD (which is recognized in the UEFI along with… (Show more)
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Updated to Windows 10; indicated that there were no compatibility issues: I presently have a "Intel matrix storage manager option ROM v8.9.1.1002 PCH-D", and the RAID reports as Normal in BIOS.… (Show more)
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There seems to be a long list of dependencies, some of which I can find no information about, particularly libcamhal.
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Any suggestions?  I have tried easy3Dscan and itSeez3D.  easy3Dscan wont connect without failing errors and itSeez3D isnt scanning to the r200's maximum resolution. Any goto apps for this sort of… (Show more)
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I came past this article:   Does this issue affect current i5/i7 NUCs? Gunleik  
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Hello,   Have been using the S1200SPL now for quite a while with Xeon E3 v5 processors.   Recently moved to S1200SPLR board with the Xeon E3 v6 processors and now have an unknown device in device… (Show more)
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I bought back 5 3T hard drive ready to set up in the P55 RAID5, encountered the following problems. RAID interface Each hard disk only recognizes 746.5G 2. After setting up the RAID in the… (Show more)
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Is there DataSheet of Apollolake? I want to change memory timing(@tREFI & tRCD etc)
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